3rd January, 2009

Erskine Design v2

Approximately five minutes before we finished for Christmas and ran to the pub, we launched something we’ve been working on for over five months whenever we could - the new Erskine Design website - lets call it version 2.

Erskine Design homepageFigure 1: The new homepage.

None of us will be going into any detail yet about the millions of decisions we made, as we’re saving that for an exclusive article elsewhere in the coming weeks or months. Still, read on for a brief explanation…

Erskine Design planningFigure 2: The project area for our redesign.

We urgently needed to represent what Erskine has become after 28 incredibly successful and hectic months, and the old site wasn’t up to it any more. We needed to put potential clients at the heart of our decision making and how we present ourselves, our work, our abilities, our processes, our professionalism.

Erskine Design case studiesFigure 3: Our brand new Case Studies page.

This was a major collaborative effort, but mainly from myself and especially Greg at the heart of it, with added genius from Phil, Glen, Simon - well, everyone really.

As I said, I can’t say any more yet, so we’ll let the design and varied layouts do the talking. Still, do let me know what you think, if you haven’t already (and huge thanks to those that have). I should stress that its not 100% yet, as we already have numerous changes we’d like to make, and the homepage was somewhat “rushed”.

Erskine Design page layoutsFigure 4: A selection of new page layouts.

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