30th March, 2012

Fictive Kinsman

Hot news! I’m now a full-time member of Fictive Kin, if you hadn’t already guessed. This is the kind of role I always dreamed about, and it feels like a perfect fit.

The current Fictive Kin website doesn’t tell you much (we’ll sort that out soon), but you may know them/us as the fine chaps behind things like Brooklyn Beta, Gimme Bar, TeuxDeux and other natty stuff.

I freelanced for just over two years after leaving Erskine, and it’s been a wonderful adventure. However, the desire to make meaningful things that reach more people has gotten the better of me. I resisted some pretty cool opportunities to go work at the usual places and began working on some specific projects with my Fictive buddies around a year ago, which explains my increasingly frequent trips over the pond.

I can’t really tell you anything about just why the future for Fictive Kin is so interesting right now, but rest assured it’s all kicking off, and to play a part in all these new ideas is a real privilege.

I’ll still be doing talks, and writing stuff occasionally. New Adventures has a bright future, but we might be changing things up a bit, or do some different things with it. Too early to say how our ideas might pan out there.

I’ve no immediate plans to go live in Brooklyn, as much as I love the place. I’ve often thought about upping sticks over the last two years, but right now I love my home in Nottingham. Being here feels right. One day though. One day…

Anyway, I’m excited. I get to focus on making cool stuff with a great team. As my kinsmen say: Scoreboard!

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