24th March, 2007

To offset tumbleweeds, Colly resorted to posting a load of links on his blog - again

Bereft of anything useful to post (well, I got plenty but I can’t really talk about most of it yet) I might as well collate a few random links for your pleasure or disdain - bits and pieces that I’ve enjoyed over the past week. Sorry about the lack of style round here, by the way. I’ve stripped most of the crap out of the site ready for a major redesign coming some time in Spring. Anyway…

Virb - be my friend!

I’m enjoying my first steps into the world of teen-style virtual community friendships or whatever it is. What do I mean? Erm, well my good buddies over at Pixelsurgeon and Wyld Stallyons finally convinced me to sign up with Virb, and I decided to give myself an hour off and set up my profile thingummy. If only MySpace and Facebook had been built with this much style, care and attention to detail, I might have cared. Virb has all the style and sense of Last.fm and is a doddle to use, being very customizable and stacked full of optionals.

I recommend you also go take an hour off, get signed up, and then become my “friend” so that I don’t feel like some sort of old man grooming teenagers via social networking sites or whatever it is that goes on in these dark times. Go visit my Virb page and make a 30-something teenager happy!

And a few more tagnuts

Great post (first in a new series of working designer features) over at Digital Web. Redesigning the ExpressionEngine Site is a fantastic and insightful run-through of the recent EE stuff produced by one of my favourite designers, Mr. Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain as I discussed in my last post. Worth a read with a cup of tea and a nice sticky donut. I got a Bakewell tart, actually.

Over at Weightshift, Naz goes under the hood at Aiga. He basically exposes all off-the-shelf CMS tools as hunks of crap that place too little importance on admin panel design. Honestly, the screengrabs here are truly inspirational (and yes, Jamie and I are already thinking how we can do this with EE).

Picnik, the very, very greatest of online image editors, has had a feature upgrade. Non better - and even clients can use it without moaning.

Highrise (the new app from 37 Signals) turns out to be another triumph. As someone who tends to collect a lot of data relating to individuals, it is perfect for my squirrel-like habits. I’m especially impressed that team rolled out a number of significant changes, amends and revised plans so soon after launch. See, they do listen. Better Basecamp integration to follow too. Good work, fellas.

BritPack crisis talks

You probably didn’t miss (or didn’t care about) the reportage on Malarkey‘s blog about our recent BritPack in-fighting. In truth, we are simply a bunch of very nice British people who do not want to be perceived as elitist knobheads. We got a little worried about how we look to the outside world, and ended up emailing each other into the night about it all. Very dramatic really - a bit like one of those 1970s eleventh-hour trade union meetings, but with less hair.

Anyway, we think we have resolved our worries, as we are - and always were - no more than a bunch of friends who like each other. Thus we have nothing to worry about, so long as we don’t seek to use the BritPack term as some sort of leg-up in business. If others can’t join then it wouldn’t be fair to do so, which we kind of new, but some of us still mis-used the term. Catch up with the waffle (The BritPack and where we go from here) if you really are stuck for something to read.

Thrilling, non?

Normal service might resume around here at some point. We are killing ourselves with overwork at the moment, but I’m sure we’ll get back to our real lives again shortly - and I for one will have plenty to talk about. Oh aye!


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