19th February, 2008

Get your own Erskine badge and join our ephemera wall

Earlier today I posted a photograph of our shiny new card-mounted Erskine Design badges on Flickr. Since then, I’ve had way too many emails, tweets and comments asking how to get hold of one.

Button itFigure 1: The new Erskine badges.

OK. It would be our pleasure to send these little birdies out into the postal system and around the world at our own expense, just because you say “Want one” or “How do I get one?” without saying “please” (you know who you are). But we are not going to do that.

How to get a badge

If you want one, you have to send us something first. It is easy really. Send us a sticker, badge, mug or t-shirt (cheeky me) of your company or employer, or if that isn’t possible just send any old crap. Its the gesture we’re excited by, not monetary value. I’ll ready a load of badges and the moment I receive your ephemera, we’ll post ours out the same day.

What will we do with your crap?

Here at Erskine Design towers, we’ll build a wall of received ephemera and blog/Flickr it and get you linked up. Actually, we might also do some crazy image-map madness at a custom URL that all the cool people will be aching to be featured on. Maybe.

Send your rubbish to…

Erskine Design, 4 Stoney Street, Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 1LG, United Kingdom. Don’t forget to enclose your own address and a wee message.

Make your own bargain buttons

Huge credit to our friends at PureButtons Inc for the badges. With easy-to-use PSD templates and very affordable pricing, these folks are tops and get the Erskine Design seal of approval (and they have not asked me to blog this).


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