21st December, 2006

Godfather 2, Superman 2, Empire Strikes Back… and Pro CSS Techniques

Finally, the sequel. Where Beginning CSS Web Development offered A New Hope, the Empire now Strikes Back with Pro CSS Techniques, a darker, more complex twist in the grand CSS fairy tale.

Beginning CSS and Pro CSS Techniques

I know I am biased, seeing as I penned the first installment, but having finally taken delivery of Pro CSS Techniques I am hugely excited about the contents, and can’t help thinking what an attractive, complimentary pair of books they really are.

Congrats to Jeff Croft, Ian Lloyd and Dan Rubin for plugging the remaining gaps in CSS book-based knowhow (discounting Clarkey’s era-defining Transcending CSS which is a whole new blog post).

Look out for the third installment - CSS For Ewoks hitting book stores sometime in 2007… possibly. Jabba, jabba, jabba.

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