26th June, 2007

I finally own the house that I have lived in since 2003

I’ve just returned from my first week off since Summer 2006. I turned off the wifi, closed the email and didn’t open Safari once. I’d aimed to completely bury the laptop for the whole week, but then I realised that just about every new album I’ve acquired since 2004 is digital, and modern man cannot live without iTunes.

Still, I had a rest, which is just as well as I was about ready to collapse through over-work. All in all I had a good, but mixed week, and close friends will know what I’m referring to there.

Anyway, last Friday I finally received confirmation that I now own the wonderful house that I have lived in for the last four and a half years. Buying a house in the UK is not an easy process, so I’m thrilled, even if it has taken an exhausting six months.

I bought the house from my good friends Si and Cass (that was the easy bit), but not so easy was securing a pretty large mortgage owing to my chequered personal borrowing history. I should therefore mention that it would not have been possible without my incredible mortgage advisor. Quite simply, if you are ever, ever, ever considering getting a mortgage, email me and I will put you in contact with this guy… he is a genius - and cheap! I’m even gonna build him a website for free - he’s that good.

My house

Shame the weather was so dull when I took the photograph below, but then it has rained every day here for weeks. Bah! So, my house is now my home. I’ve a huge amount of work to do on the place, and due to the hectic state of my agency, it’ll probably take a few years, but I’ll get there (maybe I’ll use Basecamp). Hey, at least my garden is in full bloom.

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