16th March, 2006

I had a wheelbarrow…

I had a wheelbarrow, the wheel fell off. Today I received an email from long-time reader Jeremy Harrington of crawlspace|media, alerting me to some new, rather snazzy icons he and the team had created:

Not sure if you’re a Premier League fan (this is English football, dear American friends - ED), but I’ve posted some icons for the teams if you are interested.

Well, “No I’m not interested ...” says I by return, “... unless you are prepared to create one for my beloved Notts County (oldest club in the world, and a mere three leagues below the Premiership). “I’d be delighted”, replies Jeremy - and three hours later, this arrived:

Notts County icons

So, the least I can do is steer some of you over to crawlspace|media for such icon goodness as the aforementioned Premier League icons, plus wonderful NetNewsWire, battery and iPod icons, desktops and much more skillfully produced goodness.

I suggest you don’t assume Jeremy is able to produce icons especially for your third-rate football team though, as he probably can’t, and will end up blaming me. You could always pay him, of course…

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