10th September, 2004

Iceland Airwaves here we come

I’m very impressed with my esteemed colleague Mr. Tebbutt. Worthy captain of the good ship Speakers Push The Air, he’s managed to grab four free press passes to this year’s Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. It’ll be my seventh or eighth trip to Iceland, but my first chance to soak up the sights and sounds of the festival.

Airwaves began in an aircraft hangar in 1999, and it’s had some fair old acts on it’s bill thus far. The Flaming Lips, Suede, The Hives, plus a mass of homegrown talent each and every year. It’s a weird festival, in that it happens not in a field or stadium, but at a splattering of bars, clubs and venues across downtown Reykjavik. This year the line-up boasts Keane (who I don’t like much), The Stills, The Shins, Kid Koala, Fourtet and Adem amongst others, plus eight million Icelandic bands including top combos such as Gus Gus and Leaves.

Typically, the Icelanders will make even more mess and noise than they usually do across a weekend. The place will go off like a pipe bomb. There will probably be a riot. My ex-girlfriend’s Dad (an Icelandic copper) once tear-gassed a load of Reykjavik-revellers to calm them down. That’s the kind of thing I’m looking forward to.

So, come October 20th, I’ll be blogging live and direct from Airwaves for your pleasure, taking advantage of Iceland’s numerous wi-fi bars and all that stuff. Hats off to Mr. Tebbutt for scrounging the passes - you’re a smart boy…

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