14th April, 2005

Injuries, @media and other news

Sorry for lack of posts recently - juggling umpteen projects is taking it’s toll. I’m gonna be away in Brighton to catch up with the Brit Pack chaps, and spend a brief bit of holiday time with Emma, who yesterday fell down a poorly-lit flight of concrete stairs at a Tewkesbury hotel and split her back open. Bloody gruesome injury. Rest assured we’re going to sue the bastards.

If you want to cheer her up, leave a quick “Get well soon” below, or leave any advice on how to sue evil do-ers. I’ll be grateful, and it’ll make me look even more caring.

On the upside, when I return I’ll be blogging about Tiger, more web outside the box, some very exciting new projects, a few tidy tricks I’ve been working on (if ever I find time to finish them) and even a competition. In the meantime, I’ll try and maintain the Logical Links, so keep an eye on them, but don’t be expecting no CSS Rebooting from my busy ass in May.

Finally, if you’re going to @media in June, I want to know. Drop a comment with your email address and I’ll see about working with booze-meister Oxton to properly organise some kind of official meeting-up-in-the-pub mailing list.

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