29th September, 2005

It’s King Biscuit Time!

Steve Mason - thoroughly nice chap, former Beta Band frontman, and Agenzia client - popped into Nottingham last night with his hot solo affair King Biscuit Time.

KBT live

Fans of the Beta Band - perhaps gutted by their demise - can rejoice, for Steve’s still doing it on his own, with great new KBT material (single C I AM 15 (video) is rather splendid, and available on iTunes store, don’t you know) plus the odd Beta Band classic thrown in live. Last night we got a great acoustic version of Dr. Baker and Simple, plus a weird version of Anarchy In The UK! Read on…

Old KBT tune I Walk The Earth sounded pretty cool too, and although quite low-key and relaxed, it was still a damn good set, with Steve seeming quite happy up there. Critics complain that his new stuff sounds like the Beta Band. Fuckwits. He was in the Beta band, and he was the singer, so, like, whatever. Anyway, the KBT stuff is quite complicated and layered and swirly, and does it’s own thing, so discerning ears should surely be able to distinguish the two.

C I AM 15 is getting some heavy plugging at the moment, so I’m hoping Steve does well off the back of all that. The first time I met him he was a bit grumpy after a Rock City gig, although I was very pissed that night and ended up falling over in their room. Last night he seemed much happier, and even tolerated Emma talking to him about Scottish islands or whatever.

I’ve stuck a few more of Emma’s pics in the gallery if you want more.

A date for your diary

If any of you are anywhere near Nottingham on October 14th, be sure to come see Steve and Creation/Poptones founder Alan McGee opening a soon-to-be-announced event.


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