2nd August, 2012

Montreal gone kids

Last month, I joined my Fictive Kin for our latest retreat. This time around, our hosts were kinsmen Sean Coates and Joël Perras, both natives of Montreal in Quebec.

We chose to gather during one of the hottest weeks Montreal has surely seen in a long time. The sun was hot, the clothing loose, and the beers outdoors (where possible). In three roomy AirBnBs we gathered to meet, discuss, design, and hack across our various projects. It’s not all work, of course. We made time for cycling, cinema, drinking, more cycling, theme parks, fireworks, and dirty football.

Throughout the week I captured footage on my iPhone 4S, and hastily edited it together on my return. This was originally only for private consumption, hence my entirely illegal use of an M83 track (it’d soundtracked the firework display you’ll see at the end). If anyone wants to throw my arse in jail over this, I’d prefer a polite email first, if that’s cool. Hopefully, you won’t mind a bit.

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