28th April, 2006

Music Monthlies: April 2006

My mind isn’t really on music right now (it’s been a bad day). Still, I’ve compiled a few choice cuts for you music monthlies fans to embrace or ignore.

Mamma M.I.A

My first selection this month will surely shut-up all of those who suggest I only care about guitar bands (which isn’t true). I’m talking about M.I.A. M.I.A (real name Mathangi Arulpragasam) was raised in Sri Lanka, is the daughter of a Tamil activist-turned-paramilitary-guerrilla, and girlie of top musical boffin Diplo (whose Florida album is the best beatsy think since DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing).

Anyway, it’s a bit of a mix-tape, featuring samples from The Bangles, Salt N’ Pepa (ahh, push it) and lots of other eclectic fun, but Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol.1 is a great start if you are interested in any of this madness, and you can download a zip of the whole thing for FREE thanks to the super-generous Diplo. Check out the track Bucky Done Gun with it’s irresistible trumpet fanfares.

Also her album Arular is pretty darned good. I get the “Hip-hop and Rap” labels, but apparently owning these albums means I also have some “Grime” and “Dancehall” in my collection. Just sounds like a load of pots and pans falling on the floor as people argue really - but in such a good, good way. Cheers to our Maxwell for reminding me about M.I.A.

Flaming let-down

Having had three weeks to try and like it, I’m afraid that I’m sorely bored by the latest Flaming Lips album At War With The Mystics. It just hasn’t got any of what made me love the two previous albums (The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi…), and aside from a couple of tracks I can’t really be bothered with it any more. Sorry, Wayne.

Pretty good, actually

In a week or so, our boys Dirty Pretty Things release their debut album. It’s actually very good, especially You Fucking Love It, Gin and Milk and B.U.R.M.A. Noisy, brash, and not very Libertines-y really. Anyway, I recommend it, despite being biased.

They still make EPs, apparently

Arctic Monkeys new EP Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? is out, and it’s alreet. It all seems a bit rushed, and isn’t as hot as everything else they’ve done, but it still shits on any other new releases, so what’s the worry? Lots of talk of backlashes and buses, which is an interesting mix. It won’t be No.1 as it is a five-tracker, but who cares?

Ooh, a new feature!

Yes, readers. Each month I’ll throw a Top Five at you, for no reason at all. This month I wish to bore you with my Top Five Hip-Hop records.

  1. The Roots (featuring Cody) - The Seed: It’s all about shagging and babies and has the catchiest chorus of any hip-hop track ever made, ever.
  2. Public Enemy - Fight The Power: Watch the video and tell me they weren’t one of the biggest most incredible bands that ever walked the Earth. It’s all a bit serious, but thankfully ace twat Flavor Flav lightens the mood a bit.
  3. De la Soul - Eye Know: Inspired Hall and Oates sample. Word to your Mother.
  4. Quannum MC’s - Storm Warning: The lyrics are entirely about the weather, and are as detailed as anything Bill Giles ever said.
  5. Lateef - The Reckoning (or anything off the Solesides album): A full-on diss that makes you feel like you’ve been buried alive. Nasty, in a CSI kind of way.

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