27th February, 2006

Music Monthlies: February 2006

Not a classic Music Monthly this month, folks. I’ve managed to slice a deep cut into my finger whilst making one of my trademark winter stews, so I’m feeling feint after much blood-loss, and typing is less than easy right now.

Anyway, the show must go on. Unfortunately, I’ve had my head down with something called work through February, so I’ve made few discoveries on the music front.

The New Pornographers

Last month, Matthew and Anthony tipped me off about Canada’s The New Pornographers, and I have to say that I’m hooked. Their latest album Twin Cinema is a classic blend of many great influences, shifting from jerky bounce-pop (the title track) through to sublime joyousness of These Are The Fables - the latter easily my favourite track with it’s warm female vocal and gentle fuzziness. Easily, peasily, the track of the month in my house.

Dirty Pretty Things

There’s already a big buzz surrounding Dirty Pretty Things (hmm, nice website, by the way - more about that in another post). Ex-Libertine Carl Barat has assembled a bunch of rogues (including ex-Cooper Temple Clause chap Didz Hammond). I always loved The Cooper Temple Clause, so I hope the move works out for Mr. Didz. Anyway, Dirty Pretty Things aren’t actually releasing a single until 24th April (probably Bang Bang, You’re Dead), but they’ve just headed off on a sold-out tour, and caused a stir with their first TV appearance at this year’s NME Awards. It’s all a bit ramshackle, much like the Libertines, but I’m full of anticipation for what’s to come. Did I mention that they have a fantastic website? Ahem.


Tis the season for self-congratulation. February saw both The Brits and The NME Awards filling a few hours on our British telly screens. As usual, there was little to savour, and lots to get fucked-off about.

Firstly, The Brits. I always watch it, but I always hate it. I won’t link to some of the following artists, as I do not wish to be responsible for any hits to their websites. Naturally, the inanely dull, despearate and dreadful James Blunt (ripe for rhyming slang if anyone is) won gongs despite being absolutely fucking awful. Somehow, he’s sold a trillion copies of his pitifully soppy album though, so someone likes him.

I was most pissed-off to see that arch enemies of all things good and proper U2 received a Best Album nomination for their last album for the second year in a row! How incredibly wrong is that? I fucking hate U2. They made four good records in twenty-odd years, and Bonio is the most pompous wanker in the world. I respect his attempts to save the world, but just wish he’d do it in someone else’s living room. For the record, I do my bit to save the world, so point your anger somewhere else, short-arse.

At least the Arctic Monkeys (I’m contractually obliged to mention them every month) won a Brit for Best Breakthrough Act. They also won Best Track, Best Newcomer and Best Band at the NME Awards, and were thoroughly Northern and funny with their beer-fuelled acceptance speeches. Good work, young fellas. The lead singer needs a haircut though.

The NME Awards were interesting, if only for Bob Geldof calling the presenter a “cunt”, the aforementioned Arctic Monkeys scooping up everything, and ex Stone Rose Ian Brown getting his Godlike Genius award. I basically thought Brown was a God in 1990, but now he looks like some kind of ape-zombie chimera. He still deserves my respect though, so he can have it.

A bloody conclusion

This has not been a classic Music Monthly, of that I am aware. Still, with blood all over the keyboard, and my life flashing before my eyes, I don’t really care to be honest. You can ease my pain by offering the usual recommendations to help me through my current musical famine. Uh-oh, I’m feeling woozy…

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