31st March, 2006

Music Monthlies: March 2006

OK. Recent Monthlies have been a bit underwhelming. Blame music, not me. Luckily I have found plenty to waffle on about this month, thanks to some big returns and inspiring debuts. Hey, I don’t even hate anyone this month. It’s “all too beautiful”, as Steve Marriott said. Or is it “not too beautiful”, as proclaimed by the Beta Band? Conondrum. Anyway, lets get on with it…

Yeah yeah yeahs

First up, one of my favourite bands. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are special in that they are arty, from America, a bit punky - and yet good! When they first arrived with stuff like Maps and Date With A Night it sort of felt like 1978, such was the Blondie/Patti Smith wailing and classic girl noises. I’ve only been listening to the new album Show Your Bones for a day, but it’s a belter. New single Gold Lion might start off like We Will Rock You, but that ain’t a bad thing, and the song gets louder and louder and brilliant-er and smashing-er as it goes on. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are fucking great, and Karen O is a saucy lady, which I like in a front man.

This all reminds me of a line from the Brakes track Heard About Your Band:

You shared a cab with Karen O, Oh, Oh, A-A-Ooahh!

Classic. Other than that I have been enjoying Neutral Milk Hotel‘s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea album,  mining as it does a rich seam of melodic rock. Try out Two Headed Boy and Ghost if you are curious.

I quite like the Southern American hick-ery of Two Gallants, especially Steady Rollin’ from the new What The Toll Tells album. It sounds like Lee Majors should be singing it to Farrah Fawcett, as he jumps from a tall building, or rolls a brand new car.

My learned colleague Mr. Rudkin has just introduced me to some French people called Nouvelle Vague. Their first album features twee covers of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart, The Clash’ Guns Of Brixton and XTC’s Making Plans For Nigel. Also, the sound of young French girls singing The Dead Kennedy’s Too Drunk To Fuck is a joy for anyone’s ears. Apparently the guys behind it ensure that they record with singers and musicians who haven’t heard the original songs, so it all stays fresh or what have you (those crazy French). There are samples on their site, so take yourself there if intreagued.

Owt else? Well, indie upstarts Milburn shocked me with new song Send In The Boys, which arrived on a nice white label pressing (keep the freebies coming, Mr. Record Company man). It’s an up-tempo Arctic Monkeys-ish bashfest that sounds a bit uninspiring and then it suddenly speeds up half way through and gets very interesting. Also of some interest are the very noisy Wolfmother, but I don’t want to say too much about them in case I regret it later. They could be a great rock band, but it could just be The Darkness all over again. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

That’s about it, as I’m rather busy today. Anyway, I did write a long post about Sigur Ros dance anthems the other day, so that evens things out a bit. Next month I’ll probably bang on about Dirty Pretty Things, as their album will almost be out. I’ve heard it, and it’s great - honestly. Plus, I dare say I will have gotten around to obtaining the new Flaming Lips, Morrissey (cheer up, lad) and King Biscuit Time albums by then.


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