1st December, 2005

Music Monthlies: November 2005

Alas, this month’s Music Monthlies is a bit light. November’s been a month where finding new music has been far from a priority. Still, let’s see what’s stuck in my brain…

Oh, it’s been a drab month…

If I bore you all again with Editors, Maximo Park, Elbow and all that you’re not gonna forgive me, are you? OK, it’s just that I’m stuck in an “indie” phase at the moment. Then again, I think I only write these Monthlies for Ben Ward anyway, and he likes it.

Let’s see. Erm, The Futureheads have a new single out called Area, which is fast and fab. Richard Ashcroft (ex-Verve) is back with a single that sounded a bit dull on the first listen. Hmm. The Strokes are back with some noisier noise that I’m still not sure about.  Lastly, and least, The Darkness (I won’t link to them) are back, and surprisingly even shitter than they were before they went away.

Am I boring you about this band yet?

Look, Arctic Monkeys are killing me with their sheer brilliance for the fifth month on the trot. If I was David Koresh, and this was some kind of music-based cult, I’d have you all downloading their free demos, promos, b-sides and lord knows what else (there’s at least twenty Monkeys tracks out there on peer-to-peer and that’s not including the hundreds of live recordings) before you could say “suicide pact”. You’re a fool if you don’t download the following:

  1. From The Ritz To The Rubble - taken from the Five Minutes With… limited release that’s still available on iTunes (UK at least). This is three and a half minutes of seriously brash Northern living with choruses that sound like motorway pile-ups in tunnels. Utterly, utterly the best thing they’ve done.
  2. When The Sun Goes Down - Next single apparently, and might appear on P2P as Scummy. It’s all about prostitutes and breaking the law, and like From The Ritz To The Rubble it starts a bit Libertines-y but suddenly goes all balls-out. My cat loves it.
  3. A Certain Romance - it has the phrase “...tracky-bottoms tucked in socks” and is probably the most Northern record since It’s Grim Up North.
  4. I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor - It was Number One, it rocks. It mentions “naughtiness”. I’m not bored of it yet. Neither, it seems, is the downloading public.
  5. Fake Tales Of San Francisco - My colleague’s “best record of 2005”. All about bands who pretend to be something they’re not. This record will never be about Arctic Monkeys. It proper kicks in after a couple of minutes and needs to be turned up very loud indeed.

If you can’t find those tracks on P2P, visit the Monkey’s forums and you’ll eventually find links to the files. How nice that it isn’t even illegal to download most of the tracks? Thank you, strange Yorkshire men.


I completely forgot to buy tickets for the forthcoming NME tour, which features Arctic Monkeys, Maximo Park, We Are Scientists and Mystery Jets. naturally I’m very mad at myself and a bit upset, so if anyone can sell me their tickets (but why would you?) for the Rock City gig, or wangle me some, I’ll oblige with goodies in an instant. Thank you.


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