2nd September, 2004

My Top 100 Albums of all time

Here’s the first of my Top 100s. Every time I’ve had a few minutes to kill, I’ve been adding to and arranging my list of top 100 albums to date. I realise this is incredibly anal, but I do like a bit of order in my life—and I’m a sucker for lists.

Seemingly unable to ever agree with anyone else’s list in any way whatsoever, I decided to share the list with you. I really couldn’t be bothered to link them all to Amazon, tell you what year each was released, or go into greater detail. Maybe I will at some point. Anyway, here’s the list…

Hmm, I seem to like guitars, don’t I? And such a lot of British music. Still, there’s a bit of Hip-Hop, old soul, bonkers head music and such like. Quite a few artists with more than one album too (Radiohead, The Verve, Super Furries etc). I’m not ashamed of any of it. Doubtless, you’ll all disagree with much of it, especially my top ten. If you’re disgruntled, annoyed or upset, or have a question about one of the artists, then please fire away…


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