11th March, 2005

My Top 100 Songs of all time

Here I go again. My Top 100 Albums brought me an equal number of enemies and friends back in September, and owing to a natural gap in the workload, I bring you my Top 100 Songs. I did impose a couple of rules this time however…

Firstly, only one song per artist, and secondly arranged in alphabetical order rather than how much I love them. Also, rather than limit myself to singles, I could choose any song, be it a B-side, album track or something found down the back of the sofa. I’ve opted not to include too many current favourites as such things depend on prolonged attachment. To be honest, most of the tracks mean something, somewhere in the grand narrative that is my life.

100 songs, 8 hours, 489.4 MB (thanks iTunes)

There you go. It’ll probably change next week. The list is honest and true. Be the same in your comments. Discuss.


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