29th January, 2011

New Adventures ident

I’m currently editing video footage from the New Adventures conference, learning as I go along. The results are decent, but I felt the videos needed something interesting to enforce our identity and demonstrate the scale and ambition of the event. So, I commissioned the following ident.

I had no idea who to approach, so I reached out on Twitter for suggestions. One reply featured examples that I really liked, so I instantly commissioned the creator and sent him a rough brief, along with an EPS and selected Flickr photographs. Two days later, the finished idents came back. Now, I know this is only an eleven-second ident, but wow — I love it! Don’t blink, as it all happens rather fast.

It’s the work of the talented Mr. Garth Vickers. Quite how he turned those static assets into this work of art I’ve no idea, but it shows what you can get if you allow someone complete freedom to interpret a brief. The man is clearly a genius. Since doing this I’ve already found him similar work with another conference, and I’d recommend him to anyone out there who needs motion graphics.

See more of Garth’s work on Vimeo or find him on Twitter.

Note that the conference videos will be released in the next few weeks, but be aware that some speakers have requested I wait until later in the year to release their videos as they’ll be presenting their brand new talks again elsewhere.

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