22nd January, 2012

New Adventures newspaper 2012

Right now, I’m resting hard after a very successful second New Adventures in Web Design conference, and I’ll write an overview of this overwhelming experience soon. For now, I just wanted to say a little about this year’s newspaper.

Last year, our paper was a big hit with attendees, and we also sold copies around the world by download and post. Designed in collaboration with Oliver Wood at Joff+Ollie, and printed by The Guardian, it’s a labour of love that takes a huge amount of effort but Olly, Greg and myself love the result.

The 2012 New Adventures newspaper.

This year, instead of commissioned articles we conducted in-depth interviews with groups of our speakers. So, you get extra insight from Frank Chimero, Dan Mall, Trent Walton, Denise Jacobs, Travis Schmeisser, Cameron Koczon, Naomi Atkinson, Ben Bodien, and Robbie Manson. There’s also an introduction by me, a couple of specially commissioned pages, plus all the usual conference info and stuff you’d expect that’ll come in handy when you watch the free videos later.

The 2012 and 2011 newspapers.

For us, newsprint is special. It provides unexpected results and serendipitous errors that sometimes surprise, and sometimes frustrate. Above all, we like the tactile quality of a newspaper, and also think there’s a unique relationship with a newspaper when reading it on a train, folding it, putting a cup of tea on it, tearing bits out, and all the things we can’t do with websites or won’t do with books.

A few pages from the 2012 newspaper.

This year, we’ve decided not to sell the paper copies beyond the event. It cost a lot of money last year to ship around the world in protective sleeves and hardback envelopes. Also, filling out all those customs forms was a real downer. In truth, we just don’t have the time. If you really, really, really must have a paper copy, drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Still, we launched the PDF for sale on the day of the conference, and it’s on sale now for just £1. Yep, just one pound. A quid. You also get last year’s newspaper (PDF) thrown in for free. So, two newspapers for one measly quid. It’s pure madness.

Please consider buying a copy. The event costs us a lot of money and there’s barely any left over despite selling every seat. Your support helps us a great deal, and makes sure we can begin planning the next conference.

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