31st January, 2009

Opening my toolbox for @Media

Its been a truly hectic start to 2009 with myriad complex projects on the go, plus some smashing “in-the-field” activity. In January I presented Writing For The Web at a Business In The Community “comm net” event in London, and in February I’m speaking at both Nottingham Trent University, and again at University of Nottingham. Yes, we have two universities.

Speaking at @Media 2009

The biggy this year for me will be speaking at @Media for a second time. In 2007 I co-presented a witty little manifesto with Drew (there was no fold), but this time around you’ll have me solo for a whole hour as I open my Process Toolbox and twist your melons, man traditional techniques. Its a corker, and hopefully of measurable value to all attendees - that’s the focus anyhow. Others doing ‘turns’ include Budd, Clarke, Hicks, Holzschlag, Rubin and Santa Maria - so in my opinion its a right treat.

This year’s @Media conference acknowledges the current fiscal apocalypse, describing itself as “a highly relevant conference for trying times”. My presentation should fit that bill nicely. Its worth reading the Changes for 2009 statement for more about reduced prices, the single-track and other carefully considered decisions.

Other events

Also, don’t forget that my esteemed colleague Jamie Pittock will be running the Building Beautiful Websites with ExpressionEngine workshop at Future Of Web Design in London on 1st May 2009.

Yes, I’m almost ‘back’

I’ll also finally get around to redesigning this blog, hopefully write a lot more, and get back into some personal projects this year. Promise.

All in all, I feel there’s a lot for me to be optimistic about after the personal traumas of 2008, and therefore plenty to write about - whether it be work, rest or play. Readers, I think I’m almost back.

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