24th July, 2007

Our Love To Admire

I guess I should say something about the latest Interpol album, seeing as I’ve just played it three times in a row. I’ve already written about this band on several occasions, and I suppose I’m knee-jerking to the middling reviews in the UK press for their third album. In a nutshell, the average review is wrong, and I am entirely right. It is perfect.

Our Love To AdmireFigure 1: Our Love To Admire

Perfect? Well, I’m not sure yet, but bloody hell - how it has grown on me in the last few days. The opening trio of Pioneer To The Falls, No I in Threesome and The Scale equal anything they did on the past two albums. I’d even go so far as to say that Pioneer… is better than seldom heard non-album favourite The Specialist. That good, that dark.

I dunno. There is something unique about this band. Nonsensical lyrics, dark, Joy Division-inspired guitars (yes, just like Editors) and a thick slab of moodiness - but it all works, and their sound seems more mature with every track they make. I’m hooked yet again. Anyway, back to work…

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