18th May, 2009

Our blogging laboratory

A week or so back, shortly after bringing Erskine Socials into the world, we quietly (finally) launched our shared blog, named Erskine Labs. As I explain in the introductory post...

Labs will become a sandbox in which to build castles out of our ideas. It is a brain for our thoughts; a smorgasbord for our cheesy tips; a party for our tricks, and a landscape for our ramblings.

Right. I’ll bring my self down a peg or two and state simply that its a shared multi-author blog that’ll discuss pretty much whatever we want. You’ll already find posts from myself, Campbell, Phil and Greg, with others to follow from Glen and Jamie soon. Think tutorials, tips, ideas, sketches, illustrations, downloads - and some very thoughtful industry commentary.

A particular highlight so far is from Simon Campbell. In his first post We all have the same problem, Simon declares a call to arms for those involved in building websites for clients, with thought for the classic obstacles such as budget and interpretation of spec. I think it is a must-read for anyone building for clients, but then I am very biased.

Labs will hopefully blossom into more than just a simple blog, but a simple blog suits us fine for now. We pledge to keep you entertained, and hope you’ll consider us worthy of a place in your RSS reader. I’m anticipating more not-to-be-missed wholesome goodness coming very soon.

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