25th January, 2010

Redesigning the undesigned

For two years—and with much embarrassment, I have been apologising for my undesigned blog. Well, no more shall I blush. To mark this fourth redesign and rebuild, I’ve decided to detail my inspiration, ideas, processes, type and design choices—and hopefully explain what this miscellany thing is all about.

17th October, 2009

CSS Mastery Second Edition

In early 2006, a book called CSS Mastery was published. Written expertly by Andy, it also featured case studies from Cameron and myself, plus a foreword from Dan.

4th August, 2009

Erskine Design redesign

This article was commissioned for A List Apart.

In just two years, Erskine Design grew from two people working at home into a full-fledged agency of eight, working with some major clients. Our website needed to better reflect our achievements, abilities, team strengths, and to get better information from client inquiries to help grow the business. I’ll explore our thought processes and share the decisions we made as our own client.

18th May, 2009

Four days in remote Wasdale

I’m reaching the end of a wonderful week off, which included a five-hour drive to remote Wasdale in the Lake District, two full days of trekking and scrambling, and a return journey of over eight-hours through three national parks. And all of that under sun-kissed skies. Plus, my highest-ever tweet!

18th May, 2009

Dad's tree

On an eerily foggy day in May, we laid my Dad to rest at the head of the Hope Valley. Just myself, my Mam, and a lone crow that arrived at the beginning, stayed throughout, then left as we did.

14th November, 2008


A couple of months have passed now since my Dad passed away, and (as I was warned by friends) the impact of this is having a greater effect as time moves on.

6th September, 2008

David Stanley Collison

My Dad. David Stanley Collison. 12th July 1942–2nd September 2008. Finally at peace.

1st June, 2008

The best cover versions ever made?

Partly because some friends and I were discussing classic cover versions in the pub, but mostly because (as regular readers will be aware) I love making music lists, I decided to finish a list I started ages ago.

9th January, 2008

Ágætis Byrjun

Eight years ago, I spent the Millennium Eve week in a tiny chocolate-box house by the lake in Reykjavik’s old town. I’d just split from my Icelandic partner of two years, and I was down. Really down.

6th January, 2008

Two years on, here's another rant about the state of blogging

Have you noticed how many of us who have been blogging for a long time are gradually doing a whole lot less of it? I have, and I totally understand.

31st October, 2007

Foreword for Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML

I was commissioned to write this foreword by Apress, for the book Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML.

In 1999, I bought a book about the web. This brave and still relatively new world had caught my interest, and the pocket-sized Rough Guide to the Internet featured four or so pages of rudimentary HTML. After about three hours I’d built a web page, and linked to another one. This first web page looked awful, but I was excited.

15th April, 2007

Goodnight, Grandad

Stanley Samuel Collison, 3rd October 1913 - 15th April 2007. Few had such a historically significant and eventful war as you.

2nd April, 2007

Web Standards Creativity has arrived

My copies of Web Standards Creativity have just landed on the doormat, and mighty-fine they are too. Chock-full of wondrous colour (one for the coffee table), ingenuity and inspiration. Here are a few ropey photos…

27th January, 2007

Web Standards Creativity

It is all about web design as art these days, as the cover of Web Standards Creativity seeks to emphasize.

16th January, 2007

Dad, I'm thinking of you

My great friend of 28 years Lee has just sent me this scan detailing the origins of my family name. He’s offered to trace the Collison family tree as a gift to my long-suffering Dad who is seriously ill.