19th June, 2006

Post @media linkery

I’m sure that anyone who attended @media 2006 will agree that it was a huge success. Something like 800 attendees, 18 sessions across two tracks, 25 speakers, a whole heap of socialising - and much food for thought.

Again I have come away both excited and worried, but certainly optimistic. Still, no need to worry about that now - not when there is some heavy name-dropping and rambling waffle to be done.

I was definitely up for more theory and less code this year, and hence my favourite exploratory sessions had to be Malarkey‘s free-thinking and liberating Fine Art of Web Design and also the Good Design vs. Great Design panel - particularly Cameron’s stuff about grids. However, my overall highlight was Veen‘s Designing the Next generation of Web Apps - an hour of comedy and inspiration. Tall man. Clever man.

The problem with two tracks is that there are the inevitable clashes, so sadly I missed Tantek‘s session about Microformats, and also the Strategic CSS panel. Hey-ho, just have to wait for the downloadable versions.

Socially, these events kick arse. It was a delight to meet and/or spend time with the likes of Dan (thanks for diluting the power of your presentation with my little site), Cameron (and Missus), Dave and Guy. Sadly, with 800 people all running around like small children, I didn’t get to meet everyone I’d hoped to meet, and somehow failed to meet up with some I’d befriended last year (I’m thinking certain Swedes and Belgians).

As ever, the family BritPack kept me amused, and it was a pleasure to spend a bit more time with Mark (plus Missus) and Rich over rubbery pizzas. Kudos to the ever-growing Nottingham contingent too - the company of Jamie, Simon and Kate is always welcome, plus this year the joys of meeting Steve, Laura and other Nottinghomians.

Hat doffs to anyone else I met, although I can’t remember everyone at my age. At least David, Sophie, Sam and Andy are easy to remember thanks to the medium of the business card.

Ultimately, it was a joy to finally meet the 6.5ft, wizard-bearded, heavy metal might of Chris Mills. This man has edited two books I have worked on, and is Senior Editor on my own forthcoming tome, so after 18 months of his ever-presence in my inbox, it was sweet to finally meet him - at the bar, and over many bottles of Spanish lager. If I were a crass, stereotypical non-metal numpty, I’d do that “devil horns” thing with my hands in acknowledgement. Thankfully, I’m not, and I won’t.

As ever, top marks to Patrick and the team for all the hard work, and for ensuring we had a great venue in which to watch the mighty England trounce T & T. Ahem. Roll on 2007…

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