22nd January, 2012

Relly’s New Adventures video

Less than 24 hours after the second New Adventures conference day wrapped, we received an unexpected gift from one of our biggest supporters, Relly Annett-Baker. It’s a wonderful short video that really sums up the whole day

Relly has been a huge supporter of New Adventures since day one. She’s sub-edited the newspaper for two years running, and is our official chief volunteer on the main conference day. I’d say she’s integral to the smooth running of the event, and we’d be swimming uphill without her.

This year, without our knowledge, she spent the day filming on her iPhone (without compromising her volunteer duties, of course). Returning home, her husband Paul Annett employed his editing skills and the result was this wonderful surprise video that totally made us jump for joy.

After a week of insanity around the various events, I find myself exhausted. This video serves as an instant reminder that every ounce of effort was worth it, and that New Adventures thrives on the good will and generosity of everyone involved. For that alone, I love it.

Relly also wrote about her role with New Adventures and made me a bit tearful. Don’t tell her though.

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