26th May, 2006

Semi-useful late night rambling

A nice chap called Eric has just asked me a few questions for the “Celebrity Interviews” section of HTML Editor Reviews. I mostly talk about Transmit though. I love the little yellow lorry.

Eric has got a cool little site going there, with in-depth reviews of text editors such as the amazing TextMate, which I only began using today. I can see me using TextMate as my default text editor at this rate, and I’m loving Chris Ruzin‘s EE tags bundle for it.

Anyway, us celebs can’t stay and chat. My driver is waiting as I have a shoot for Hello! magazine to get to before the movie premiere. Or maybe it’s just another rainy night in the Midlands watching trashy telly, listening to Elbow, drinking warm beer. Yep, it’s the latter.

Note that comments are off as I’m getting spammed to fuckery at the moment. Is there nothing useful to do in Nigeria these days? Don’t make me use Captchas…

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