19th September, 2006

Sonic Croft’s Grand Mario Bandicarts

I’m not into computer games - never was, although I did get into quite a few football (soccer) games here and there. I was also once renowned for being able to beat anyone at Tekken after ten pints of ale, finding “special moves” like someone who actually cared.

Game City banner

So, if you are a single bloke who has nothing better to do than ignore all of life’s pressing matters in order to sit in his underwear surrounded by empty packets of Doritos and spent cans of Coke as you fiddle feverishly with Lara Bandicoot’s Solid Metal Gear or whatever, then go outside! Specifically, collect some runes, avoid the evil dragons and follow the windy path to Nottingham’s forthcoming Game City festival. The team have pulled together an array of city-wide events so broad that even this console-phobic blogger might go along.

Note to stereotypical gaming person: This will involve leaving the house, and you may encounter some “girls”. Reader, please insert your own joystick-related gag here.

On a more serious note, hats off to my good friends at Nottingham agency CascianiEvansWood for doing such a spiffy job of all things print and web for the festival. Good work, chaps.


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