20th January, 2005

Spammers get spannered by Google

Something to celebrate if you allow comments on your website. As you may know, those nice people at Google have implemented something special to counteract spammers. Brilliantly, the plug-in masters of all our favourite publishing systems have quickly given us what we need to take advantage of this new method.

This will not stop spammers from leaving their dirty mess, but it will frustrate them. By implementing rel=“nofollow”, the boffins at Google make nonsense of comment spam. Spam links will get no ranking credit on Google, Yahoo or MSN, defeating the purpose of leaving them in the first place. It’s a simple and swift way of biting back at Mr. Texas-Holdem, Mr. Casino, Mr. Growth-Pill and all their friends.

Spamming asshats!

I’ve been getting a fair bit of this spam over recent months, and it’s all the worse for those of you that subscribe to my comments notifications. I’m sure you get pretty pissed off when you’re emailed to be informed that “Online Poker” has responded to your comment. Well, now we can all do something about it.

The rel=“nofollow” attribute is added to all links you specify (so typically you wrap your comments with the appropriate plug-in, or do your own special hack). Top marks to the parents of EE (well done, chaps!), WordPress, MT, Typepad, Blogger and the others that have gotten the plugins out today to let us quickly enable this on our sites.

No Follow for EE

For all you wise, intelligent, thoughtful site architects using the glory that is Expression Engine, you can get Paul Burdick’s No Follow plug-in from the EE plug-ins site.

I’ve already enabled this on CollyLogic, although for now it will only affect links in the body of your comments. Your signature links are not affected. I’ll still be adding visitors to my blacklist whenever possible, and removing most of the offensive wording through EE’s excellent Word Censoring tool.

So, we’ve won a battle, but war rages on. Well done, Google.

Read more about no follow at Google.


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