7th May, 2011

Speaking and events for 2011

Since going freelance some sixteen months ago, I’ve been doing a lot more speaking and running workshops, belatedly getting to see a little more of our big round planet in the process.

It’s something I utterly love doing, not least because preparing a presentation or workshop really forces me to focus down on my research and make sure my outcomes and messages are clear, and can take me on to the next step with whatever I’m obsessing about. Plus, I get to meet smashing folks like some of you out there and get drunk.

Anyway, all the events I’m helping out have been announced, so I can share the list, just in case you’re attending, interested, or simply cannot find anything more worthwhile to do with yourself.

Interlink, Vancouver (June)

Explore innovative ideas, share the latest techniques and talk about cutting-edge development tools with other driven web professionals. Attend Interlink Conference 2011, and get inspired. I’ll be doing a talk called The Dialect of our Own Design, and my Analytical Design workshop thingumajig. Visit the Interlink Conference website.

Edge of the Web, Perth, Australia (July)

The Edge of the Web conference aims to bring together an outstanding line up of international and national experts in their fields to present a diverse range of leading-edge and highly topical content. The conference focuses on the latest web development techniques and next generation business practises that utilise the web. I’ll be doing a talk about the general state of the web, and a workshop (I think). Visit the Edge of the Web site.

Frontend, Oslo, Norway (October)

I had a plane ticket to Norway once, but couldn’t use it for various reasons. So, I’m thrilled to finally be bagging another Scandinavian country. Frontend is billed as the International design and developer conference, and I’ll be there for a couple of days before heading to Brooklyn Beta. Visit the Frontend 2011 website.

Build, Belfast, Northern Ireland (November)

I love this event, and the third year looks to be epic. Build is a five-day design event made up of three days of conference, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, meetups and parties – bookended by a day of film and another of music. I’ll be speaking about something pretty special, and also helping out with the very interesting workshop format. Visit the Build 2011 website.

Ready To Inspire, Leiden, Netherlands (November)

Inspire is a brand new and affordable conference about web design, type and code happening in one of my favourite towns - Leiden, not far from Amsterdam. Expect two days of fresh insights, practical stuff and engaging ideas. I admit I have no idea what I’ll be talking about yet. Visit the Ready To Inspire website

Last but not least

I’ll also be attending a few events as a good honest punter this year, so I may see you at DIBI in Gateshead, the second Brooklyn Beta, or the next EECI conference in NYC perhaps.

Yes, I know I’m a lucky boy, which is why I don’t tend to go on about these things too often. That said, a lot of bloody hard research and preparation lies ahead, so that’ll have to do for now. Dragging my ass back to Keynote…

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