30th January, 2007

Straight to the Point

I’m in Edinburgh again, just over two years since my first visit to Scotland. This time around it is purely for business reasons, but I couldn’t help treat myself to another stay at the triangular Point Hotel on Bread Street - once listed as one of the top 150 hotel designs in the world.

The Point

Developed out of a dilapidated former department store by the late Scottish architect Andrew Doolan, it is a building to love and a hotel to enjoy. It is independent, overshadowed by the castle, relaxed, warm, welcoming - and it has free wifi in the bar.

Corridor at the Point

Most of all I love the interiors, with fluorescent lights covered in various hues of silica gel by Jonathan Speirs & Associates. Anyone who has experienced the conceptual artwork of Dan Flavin will know what I mean. The corridors pulsate with reds, greens and orange and are the antithesis of your typical bland hotel interiors. The Edinburgh Architecture site has more detail.

Corridor at the Point

If you find yourself in Edinburgh, you’d do well to remember The Point. And no, I’ve not been paid nor received any incentives to write this - I just like the place. That said, if the staff are reading this, it’s Mr. Collison in Room 223 and I’d love a back-rub and some champagne.

Corridor at the Point

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