19th March, 2019

Don McCullin at Tate Britain

That one man should witness so many horrors is hard to process. That nations like ours continue to facilitate such atrocity and poverty is devastating.

6th March, 2019

Dear Nature book launch

Last night I attended the launch of Dear Nature, an important new work from renowned Nottingham artist John Newling. I was also invited to give a reading from the book.

25th February, 2019

Convenience Store Human

Thoughts on the uniqueness of the Japanese konbini, the subtle science fiction of Convenience Store Woman, and notes from a recent Q&A event featuring author Sayaka Murata and translator Ginny Tapley Takemori.

25th July, 2012

Bauhaus at The Barbican

Just a quick, hastily-written post urging any UK designers to brave the Olympichaos and catch Bauhaus: Art as Life at The Barbican in London before it ends in mid-August. I’m somewhat obsessed, so I popped along yesterday, and was not disappointed.

3rd July, 2012

The Stone Roses at Heaton Park

In 1989, a band changed my life. In 2011 that band unexpectedly reformed, and I didn’t want to be a part of it. This weekend, I saw that band play. On my return home, I find myself writing about why I fell in love, why I became a sceptic, and how I ended up in awe once again.

30th June, 2010

Glastonbury Festival 2010

I'm back from my fourth trip to Glastonbury Festival, where I celebrated its 40th anniversary in sweltering heat with 180,000 other lunatics.

20th December, 2004

Interpol, Rock City, Nottingham

Blimey. Isn’t it great when a band you love live up to your expectations when playing live? I’ve seen a hell of a lot of great gigs throughout 2004, but nothing matched the dark, brooding brilliance of Interpol playing to a sold-out Rock City in Nottingham last night.

27th October, 2004

It's Slow, it's Blow, it sounds like snow

These reviews were originally written for scathing online music magazine Speakers Push The Air.

Here—should you be interested—are four reviews I’ve written for scathing online music magazine Speakers Push The Air, plumbing the depths of music cliche to dissect performances from Slowblow, Gus Gus, Leaves, and Quarashi.

25th October, 2004

Say hello, Airwaves goodbye

Gus Gus on stage at 3.30am. Taxi to Hafnarfjörður at 4.15am. Taxi to Keflavik airport at 6am. Airwaves is over for another year, and I’m back in drab, untidy, polluted England; tired but my fingers are working, so here’s my final update.

22nd October, 2004

Domino Records Night at Hafnarhús

Last night was special. Domino Records hosted a unique gig inside Reykjavík’s incredible Hafnarhús featuring Fourtet, Adem, To Rococo Rot, Leeds boys Hood and Iceland's own amazing Slowblow.

28th June, 2004

Glastonbury Festival 2004

So, that was Glastonbury 2004. Around 120,000 revellers enduring sleep deprivation, come-ups and downs, 1000s of performers and everything the weather could throw at us.