18th May, 2006

The end of CSS showcases

It could be the end of an era. This week, Stylegala is for sale, and the Web Standards Awards site has now closed. I totally agree with this snippet from the WSA site’s closing statement:

Now we’ve arrived at a situation where beautiful sites with beautiful code are being produced by the hundreds; every month, every week, every day. It’s no longer a myth that you can produce a stunning site with Web Standards…

I couldn’t agree more. People have moaned that us Stylegala judges no longer post new entries in the gallery, but how can we? There are now thousands of CSS experts out there, all producing stunning designs, many of which are faultless under the hood. To choose one for the gallery is to ignore many others equally worthy of inclusion.

So, do we even need the CSS showcase galleries any more. Sites like Stylegala and CSS Beauty are still hugely popular and important, but perhaps only as purveyors of fresh and useful news. The galleries themselves are now little more than windows into a transitional era of web design. I think the time has come for showcase sites to diversify - and quickly - or die a death. They were important, inspirational, incessant, and we are all grateful for the role they played. That said, things move on.

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