15th February, 2008

The Indy-fatigable franchise is back!

Ooh, ooh. The trailer for Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is out today. Whatever your views on such a belated episode of the boys-own saga, I tell you that the moment you hear the theme tune you start to feel like a kid all over again.

Ray Winstone and Harrison FordFigure 1: Ray Winstone and Harrison Ford in a spot of bother.

The plot revolves around Indy going to the 2008 Olympic Games to bring down China over the Darfur crisis. No, not really. That was just a little bit of politics.

So, what can we glean from this brief glimpse? Well, its classic Spielberg adventure thrills. It has Ray Winstone in it. It has Cate Blanchett in it. There are plenty of big stunts. Harrison Ford sounds like he smokes 50 a day. It has a very long and stupid title. That hot shot kid everyone is talking about is in it. So is John Hurt. So is Karen Allen (best of all Indy’s women). George Lucas has managed to get some Ewoks into it (possibly). It is out on 22nd of May. I can’t wait. I might be disappointed. I don’t care.

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