6th September, 2007

The US launch of the iPhone has put the rest of us three months behind, and I’m cross

I spent the last hour writing a long rant about how every developer outside of the US is now on catch-up.

  • I wrote about how every day for the last three months I have endured blog posts, links and feeds about the latest cool stuff for the iPhone.
  • I wrote about developing apps and sites for the little Safari, and how only those in the US can experience this.
  • I wrote about this being the first time I have witnessed such a major gulf in shared knowledge, and that geographical location should not compromise anybody’s opportunity to develop for the web.
  • I wrote about my desire for Apple to build a tool into Safari to emulate the iPhone experience (a bit like Opera’s Small Screen View) so that even those without an iPhone could still develop for it.
  • I wrote about “Cuppa-tea-no” (as Andy Clarke calls it) and I wrote about Eric Meyer’s spot-on dissing of Media Temple for bringing back the “best viewed with” message.
  • I wrote a lot of stuff that many people in the US would possibly hate me for, and the rest of the world might like me for.
  • I wrote about the new iPhone Touch giving us Europeans a shot at understanding the iPhone experience.

And then Safari crashed, and I lost my entire article. Bastard. Still, you get my gist, right? It isn’t Apple’s fault, what with phone network politics being central to a worldwide launch, but it still makes me cross.

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