26th August, 2004

The Libertines new site

Boy, we’ve been busy at Agenzia this week. Version one of the new Libertines website has just been launched.

It’s important to stress that this is version one, which I hope will allow you all to overlook the use of (gasp!) frames, largely unsemantic code, the messiest style-sheet on record, and the fact that validation just hasn’t been an issue at this stage.

libertines site

Still, we’re pretty pleased with the look and feel of the thing, and judging by the forum reaction, I think the Libertine fans are quite thrilled to have a solid site to get their teeth into. If you want an explanation of why this version is the way it is, or don’t know who The Libertines are, then please read on…

What could we do? A very short timescale meant getting this version out in time for the new album’s launch on 30th August. “Tell ‘em you don’t want to use frames!” I hear you cry, but for such an imminent deadline, we decided to go a bit old-school and just give the fans (and the client) the site they were craving.

Version two will be awash with semantic code, properly-incorporated Flash elements, and will be giving Libertines fans a whole host of lovely membership features and exclusive downloads. For now, it was vital that the folks running the site can edit anything they want, keep it fresh and lively, and use a CMS that puts them back in control of their site.

Most folks in the UK will be aware of The Libertines. A great first album, chaotic live shows, a recent Top Three hit record, and in Pete Doherty a frontman so desperately ill through drug addiction that he isn’t even in his band at the moment. Still, they’re touring like nobody’s business, releasing smart new records, and have probably the most insanely fanatical and passionate fanbase of any bands right now. If you’re not sure what to begin with, have a play with the site’s Flash radio, or try their first album, Up The Bracket. It’s rough around the edges, but strangely beautiful, and very, very English.

Anyway, feel free to let me know what you think of the design. Like I said, I know it doesn’t validate, and is currently awash with out-dated methods. It’s live, but still a kind of testbed, so go easy on us… please. Largely responsible is the fact that several of us worked on several different bits of the site that were naturally at odds with other elements, and naturally this’ll all be resolved. Next time around I’m sure I’ll be presenting version two with considerably less disclaimers. You do trust me, don’t you?


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