20th November, 2008

Trailer: Erskine and the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride - a tale of horror and woe

As previously posted, in June 2008, four members of the Erskine team completed the Great Notts Bike Ride 50 mile route.

Well, some months back we edited some of Greg’s shaky footage into a rough-around-the-edges horror movie pastiche thingummy. Its not big or clever, but we like it. You might not, but if you’ve 3 minutes to kill, have a peek.

Its not particularly good, and the footage doesn’t really fit Greg’s superb horror graphics, but its a lovely memory of an horrific day. Goes nicely with Greg’s brilliant poster too.

Greg's GNBR Erskine posterFigure 1: Greg’s blog poster.

There’s more via the following: Flickr photos and Glen’s blog post.

So far we’ve raised over £1,000 for various charities. Thanks to everyone who coughed up their hard-earned dough. Oh, and music is from I Am Kloot’s first album, because I’ve always loved it, and its spooky.


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