25th April, 2006

Web mags embracing standards?

I’m indebted to whoever selected our Dirty Pretty Things site for the Site Envy section of this month’s Practical Web design magazine (UK). There is a full scan here.

Scan of magazine - click for larger image

It’s really cheered us up on the fifth day since BT botched our web connection. An office without web is like a deep breath without oxygen, hence I’ve been at home for days.

Anyway, I’d not read Practical Web design magazine before, but it’s actually very good, and seems to be leaning heavily towards web standards. There are quite a few CSS and PHP/MySQL tutorials intermixed with general scorn for frames and tables - plus a spot-on Builder’s Bookmarks section. I never liked any web design mags until recently. It seems that web standards shift copies, so amen for that.

I also love the fact that images of busty blondes fiddling with laptops on magazine covers help sales - it’s like industry-specific porn. Reminds me of the old Top Of The Pops compilation albums - although you’d get nipples on those.

I know this question crops up quite often, but whilst we’re on the subject, are there any web magazines (made of paper) that you find useful - or are magazines dead? Was I wrong to think they only ever feature Dreamweaver and Flash? You may wax lyrical about the much-lamented Cre@te Online magazine if you wish.

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