2nd April, 2007

Web Standards Creativity has arrived

My copies of Web Standards Creativity have just landed on the doormat, and mighty-fine they are too. Chock-full of wondrous colour (one for the coffee table), ingenuity and inspiration. Here are a few ropey photos…

Collys chapter
Spread from my chapter, Semantic Structure, Dirty Pretty Presentation.
Rob Weycherts chapter
Spread from Rob Weychert’s chapter, Bridging the Type Divide.
Mark Boultons chapter
Spread from Mark Boulton’s chapter, Grid Design for the Web.
Cam Adams chapter
Spread from Cameron Adams’s chapter, Creating Dynamic Interfaces using JavaScript.

There are five other chapters from Derek Featherstone, Jeff Croft, Dan Rubin, Ethan Marcotte and Ian Lloyd for your delictation.

I’ve only skimmed it so far, but it looks excellent (if I can say that considering I’m in it) and I’ve already spotted a number of things I’d never thought of trying before. Nice work, fellas (why no ladies?).


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