2nd March, 2005

What’s right with Movable Type?

I’m risking furious responses here, particularly as I have never used Movable Type and thus don’t really know what I’m on about.

Besides, I feel bad as the Six Apart people have clearly, at some point in the great blogging narrative, been inspirational, important and giving. Thing is, all the posts I read about Movable Type seem dismissive - complaints, moans, the need for plug-ins to irradicate a particular annoyance, comment security breaches and so on - and then I read this on John Gruber’s site:

Kill-nav-commenters-gif.pl is a plug-in for Movable Type 3.1 which patches two of MT’s internal subroutines so that MT no longer creates a file named ‘nav-commenters.gif’ at the root level of each of your weblogs.

What? Read the rest of Gruber’s article and this makes even less sense. Why is the MT system forcing pointless images to be placed at the root of your MT weblogs? Apparently, it’s a TypeKey commenter indicator thingummy, which appears even if you don’t allow comments. No wonder that was so annoying.

What’s this “rebuilding weblogs” business about?

This got me thinking. MT users apparently need to keep “rebuilding their weblogs”. What does that mean? Sounds very serious. Sounds bloody annoying. Doesn’t the MT system automatically handle the content you submit and place it in the right places? Can someone tell me what this “rebuilding” business is about?

And then there was the furore about pricing, which got everyone in a right tizzy-fit. Oh, and as for the comments security flaw, that sounded awful.

I’ll get to my point

I think my question is this. If Movable Type is so shot-through with holes, annoyances and flaws, why are so many of you sticking with it when so many great alternatives are available? A lot of people keep moaning about it, but don’t change their blog engine.

Look, I don’t know anything about Movable Type, I just pick up on what I read. If you absolutely love MT, please tell me why it’s so good, and list some advantages of it, because I may have been misled into thinking it is pants. Has MT reached it’s peak, and is it time for younger blogging engines to claim the crown?

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