24th January, 2012

When we build

On the morning of Thursday 10th November 2011, I was excited about closing the day’s talks at Build. Then, just before lunch, something happened. Something unexpected and incredible, care of Wilson Miner.

Like most of the speakers that would follow Wilson’s presentation that afternoon, I was in awe — how do you follow that? — but also buoyed by the incredibly transcendent and meaningful experience Wilson had shared with us that morning.

I’m not exaggerating. I nearly cried, as did many. This was the only standing ovation I’ve witnessed at a conference, and in my opinion wholly deserved. It’s a brave, bold and soulful look at what shapes design, and how we respond to it.

I’m delighted the video is finally available to all, and thankfully it mostly captures that sense of wonder and joy that makes design such “a great job”.

This thing is good enough to be on BBC2 at 9pm primetime. So settle in, Airplay it or whatever, and enjoy. Wilson’s talk on Vimeo.

I try not to use the word “awesome” very often. I save it for things that induce actual awe. This talk: this talk is awesome.

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