23rd November, 2006

Collylogic is dead

Yes, collylogic.com is dead. Long live www.colly.com. I’ve been sitting on this domain for two months, since the incredibly generous Shawn over at Darkest Web offered it to me in exchange for a small amount of CSS work (which I still owe him).

So folks, it should be easy to remember - it is very similar to www.molly.com, but with a ‘C’ rather than an ‘M’. Easy, and that isn’t all I’ve fixed…

Safari address bar

The dark art of the htaccess redirect means that all collylogic.com URLs will seamlessly send people to the corresponding URL here, so no need to amend anything (although RSS feeds may not play nice). I always wanted to be at this address, and it feels just right. As the mighty Super Furries once sang: “This was my domain, ‘til someone stole my name”. Well, nobody stole it, but it is comforting to be where I belong at last.

Also, finally - at last - I have removed the bloody query string from the URLs. This has bugged me for two years (Media Temple‘s DV servers don’t understand path_info apparently, so Expression Engine goes loopy unless you force queries), but thankfully my good friend Steve P Sharpe had the answer The tiniest tweak to the standard EE remove index.php script was all that was needed. Good man, Steve.

So, decent bit of housekeeping dealt with there. Think I’ll kick back for five minutes…

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