27th January, 2005

You know you work too hard when…

You know you work too hard when you end up documenting the fact that you’re working too hard. We’ve a lot of new sites to release over the next few weeks, but getting them finished is taking a lot of graft. Here are ten true ‘time for a rest’ symptoms I’ve noticed over the last two weeks.

You realise you’ve made a spelling mistake on paper, and for a split-second expect it to be automatically underlined.
You’re enjoying a film at the cinema, but thought you caught a glimpse of the OS X dock along the base of the screen.
It reaches 3am and you’ve forgotten to eat anything all night ... again.
You become selfish. You haven’t visited your parents for weeks, despite the fact that they live five miles away. Your girlfriend takes paperwork to bed as a back-up plan. The cat has given up begging for food, and instead has taken to chewing the ethernet cable.
You devour an entire packet of Cutter’s Choice rolling tobacco in one day, every day.
You’re a devout tea drinker who is suddenly racing through Nescafe Cappuccino sachets as if they’re liquid speed.
The paint is falling off your old G4 laptop like needles from a pine tree.
Your Desktop files are layered fourteen-deep and have become un-navigable.
You received eight or nine new DVDs for Christmas, but you’ve yet to remove the cellophane from a single one.
You ache. You’re developing a very bad back from laptopping solidly on the couch. And you’re getting RSI in your wrist from trackpad abuse. Your eyes hurt and your brain feels like a cake.

Some of those sound familiar? Thought so. The first two really are true - I know it’s stupid. I expect you’re all working far too hard to answer this question, but when do you know that you’re working too hard?

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