I'm a designer (graphic, digital, product), writer, conference speaker, and event director.

Simon Collison
Standing, by the wall. Photo: Geri Coady

Hello, I'm Simon. I'm still drafting this copy, so bear with me. I used to begin with the professional stuff but I got older, and I think the things I love define me better than a list of old clients. Know first that I'm obsessed with music and art, and books. I love big hikes and long runs, and I have way too many favourite cities. Birds and coffee make me happy. I'm married to illustrator Geri Coady, and we live in Nottingham with a soft old pussycat named Bearface.

Ok. now some work stuff. I've twenty years experience leading design at companies such as Fictive Kin, Erskine, and Agenzia. Along the way I've assisted govs, banks, airlines, tech giants, record labels, publishers, and charities. My client history includes Samsung, HSBC, The Libertines, and Frieze. I've spoken at events all over the world, and I organise the New Adventures conference.

I enjoy writing about pretty much anything. I wrote a bestseller about CSS when that was cool (so, long time ago), and I've contributed to numerous books and mags. I'm happiest when weaving sentences about design, tech, music, art, travel, the natural world, and speculative futures. I'm eager to spend more of my professional life stringing words together, so let me know if I might be useful to you.

I believe strongly that designers should care for the arts and humanities, and draw from a vast array of diverse inputs and experiences. I also think digital tools can be a force for good; that they have much to offer in connecting us to the beauty all around us.

Selected talks

  • North America
  • An Event Apart, Seattle / AIGA Design Camp, Nisswa / Creative Mornings, New York / Brooklyn Beta, New York / Go Beyond Pixels, St. John's / Interlink, Vancouver / EECI, San Francisco
  • Mainland Europe & Iceland
  • Beyond Tellerrand, Düsseldorf & Munich / Smashing Conf, Freiburg / Dsgnday, Amsterdam / Awwwards, Paris / Refresh LX, Lisbon / Webshaped, Helsinki / Ready to Inspire, Leiden / Icelandic Web Awards, Reykjavík / Frontend, Oslo / Sneak Preview, Genk
  • United Kingdom
  • Build, Belfast / dConstruct, Brighton / Future of Web Design, London / Reasons to be Creative, Brighton / Refresh, Edinburgh / DIBI, Gateshead / Future of Web Apps, Leeds / DotYork, York / Pixel Pioneers, Bristol
  • Oceania
  • Edge of the Web, Perth

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