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Entries from 2004

2004 was the year of the Monkey

The year 2004 (MMIV) was a leap year that started on Thursday of the Gregorian calendar.[1]


31 2004 in music

A simple list of my top albums from the last twelve months.

20 Interpol, Rock City, Nottingham

Blimey. Isn’t it great when a band you love live up to your expectations when playing live? I’ve seen a hell of a lot of great gigs throughout 2004, but nothing matched the dark, brooding brilliance of Interpol playing to a sold-out Rock City in Nottingham last night.

11 Logical Blocks for EE

Woo-hoo! My Logical Blocks template has just won 2nd prize in the Expression Engine template contest.

04 CSS rollover generator

Further to the previous post detailing multi-element rollovers, I’ve created a pretty sturdy thing called Colly’s Advanced Rollover Generator.

03 Multi-element rollovers

CSS rollovers are pretty common and well documented. However, for a recent project, I had a more complex challenge.


27 The Gift of firewire

Yesterday, I unpacked one of our new Apple iMac G5s. The office is starting to look like some kind of Apple Store — one where the staff don’t clean and leave stained tea cups everywhere.

23 Libertines website, v2

We’ve finally completed version two of The Libertines official website. They’re still together, so it’s still important.

22 Apple, ostrich and facial prosthetics

Busy as the proverbial bee. Aside form verbal fisticuffs with the Inland Revenue, appalling behaviour in dressing rooms, and too much time on trains, I’ve been hard at it of late.

15 In London with the geeks

In search of knowledge and enlightenment, an unordered list of UK bloggers — a Brit Pack if you will — came from far, wide, and even Wales to pool ideas and beer money.

12 Lost in showbiz

After the three-day turnaround of version one, we’ll be unveiling version two of our Libertines build in the next few days. We also have a very special event to announce.

05 No public hangings

Further to my previous post, I’m pleased to announce that the battle over the plagiarism of CollyLogic’s XHTML and CSS has been successfully resolved.

03 A quandary about web plagiarism

I want your advice here. I want to know what you might do in my situation. In a nutshell, my site has been ripped-off pretty blatantly.


27 It’s Slow, it’s Blow, it sounds like snow

Here—should you be interested—are four reviews I’ve written for scathing online music magazine Speakers Push The Air, plumbing the depths of music cliche to dissect performances from Slowblow, Gus Gus, Leaves, and Quarashi.

27 RSS rewrites and redirects

How many of your visitors make the journey via RSS? Until recently, I’d not placed a great deal of emphasis on maintaining my feeds, assuming they were important, but not vital.

25 Say hello, Airwaves goodbye

Gus Gus on stage at 3.30am. Taxi to Hafnarfjörður at 4.15am. Taxi to Keflavik airport at 6am. Airwaves is over for another year, and I’m back in drab, untidy, polluted England; tired but my fingers are working, so here’s my final update.

24 Another day, another great line-up

I’m sheltering at the Airwaves press centre. Last night we met with old friends in Reykjavik, dodging between Kaffibarinn, Vegamot and other cosy little bars, consuming plenty of ale.

22 Domino Records Night at Hafnarhús

Last night was special. Domino Records hosted a unique gig inside Reykjavík’s incredible Hafnarhús featuring Fourtet, Adem, To Rococo Rot, Leeds boys Hood and Iceland’s own amazing Slowblow.

22 Immeasurable happiness

I’m back in Iceland! I’m so happy. It doesn’t matter that Icelandair have lost all of my possessions, because I’m here, and I don’t care.

20 Iceland Airwaves

Woohoo! The music week continues tomorrow, as we head off to my old stomping ground (Iceland) for the Airwaves Festival in downtown Reykjavik; four days of mind-bending noise in the land of fire, ice and hot-dogs.

18 Primal Scream all-nighter

Last night I completed a hat-trick of Primal Scream gigs at London’s Brixton Academy. I first saw them there in 2000, then again in 2002, and now once more in 2004.

07 Suicide artwork 'not interactive'

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks, with no small amount of controversy. Apparently, our art festival is encouraging suicide amongst emotionally fragile people.


27 You Are Here opening party

Friday 24th September saw the masses gather in central Nottingham for the launch of our second city-wide visual arts festival.

23 Masters of doodle

I’ve just received two copies of Hello Duudle, a new book by my friend Jon Burgerman, and his friend Sune Ehlers. I say book, but the thing is more like one big long fold-out artwork.

17 Live search

Inspired by Apple’s forthcoming Spotlight tool, and the Live Search tool over at Bitflux, I’ve implemented a similar search method here.

10 Iceland Airwaves here we come

I’m very impressed with my esteemed colleague Mr. Tebbutt. Worthy captain of the good ship Speakers Push The Air, he’s managed to grab four free press passes to this year’s Airwaves festival in Reykjavik.

09 A birthday gig from PJ Harvey

It’s my birthday. I’m thirty-one years old today. It’s a lovely age to be and I’ve been celebrating since Saturday. This is an unselfish method of ensuring I get to see all of my friends over the week.

02 My Top 100 Albums of all time

Here’s the first of my Top 100s. Every time I’ve had a few minutes to kill, I’ve been adding to and arranging my list of top 100 albums to date. I realise this is incredibly anal, but I do like a bit of order in my life—and I’m a sucker for lists.

01 Stylegala’s smallest site

Trumpet-blowing time. Huge thanks to the nice people at Stylegala for adding our Agenzia company site to their gallery.


26 The Libertines new site

Boy, we’ve been busy at Agenzia this week. Version one of the new Libertines website has just been launched.


27 Question Time: the H element

The H element. Header tags. Headlines. Inspired by Jogin’s post, others such as Andy, Richard and Eric have sought to delve further into the appropriate use of H tags in our designs.

25 News from the cultural frontline

I’ve been to see the new Spiderman sequel, listened to some new albums and watched a few DVDs. Here are some words about all of those things.

21 Ticked-off visited links, reloaded

When this blog launched, I was incredibly surprised by the response to the Ticked-Off Links I created for the sidebar. I should say a massive thank you to the many, many folks who linked to the original tutorial detailing the two methods of implementation.

15 Preventing dynamic collapsing margins

I’m aware of margin collapsing with CSS. It’s a pain. However, I’ve had a slightly different issue with margins over at IE 6 (PC).

12 Call yourself a web developer?

Let’s take a close look at a popular blog and it’s undercover sins. I won’t hold back here; we must be cruel to be kind.

08 Inspired by red, orange and yellow

What makes these books so valuable to web designers? Much has been written about all three, and each has gained many plaudits from professional and amateur designers alike.

03 Question time: visited links

How should we represent the distinction between visited and unvisited links within our designs?


28 Glastonbury Festival 2004

So, that was Glastonbury 2004. Around 120,000 revellers enduring sleep deprivation, come-ups and downs, 1000s of performers and everything the weather could throw at us.

14 R.I.P. the monthly style magazine

The state of magazine publishing in the UK is in serious limbo. Now we have the web at our fingertips, people simply do not need to pay four quid a month to find out what’s going on.

02 Icelandic National (web) Team

In what will be the first of many posts relating to my love of all things Icelandic, I’ve decided to flag up some excellent websites built in the land of fire and ice.


30 Golden Graham? It’s all a Blur

I’ve just been to see former Blur guitar-botherer Graham Coxon at a packed Rescue Rooms. The quiet one was actually pretty loud and had the demeanour of a man unshackled.

28 Illustration for the nation

You Are Here is currently in the process of selecting an illustrator to help promote this year’s visual arts festival.

24 Background images security flaw

Yesterday, Simon Willison posted a short overview of some current visited links methods over at Sitepoint, mentioning the method I use here.

21 The story of Little iMac

We call him Future Stereo. He may well be inanimate, but I’m concerned about his well being. Disillusioned by only playing MP3s all day, the little fella is showing signs of trauma.

18 Ticked Off? Visited Links How-To

I’ve had many responses already to the sidebar links. I’m sure somebody must have done something similar before, although I haven't seen an example, and I expect Jakob Nielson would shoot me on the spot.

13 Beta Band better than ever

Seems views are split on the new Beta Band album, Heroes To Zeroes. “It’s not The Three E.P’s!”, they wail. Others proclaim it as a return to form for the grizzled Scots.

10 Pollock wants me to paint again

Six years on from wrapping my brushes in an old rag, and deciding that as a medium, it just didn’t have anything to say on my behalf, I have been thinking about painting again.

10 You Are Here

Most of you won’t be aware of one of my other great passions, You Are Here Visual Arts, formed in 1999 by myself and Oliver Wood, with our online resource launching in July 2001.

05 Welcome to my blog!

Finally, the dust covers are off. Welcome to my own blog! Expect half-cocked rants and observations about art, music, web design, travel, good people, bad people; delivered on an almost daily basis.