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Entries from 2005

2005 was the year of the Rooster

The year 2005 (MMV) was a common year that started on Saturday. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 2005th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 5th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 6th of the 2000s decade.


31 2005 in music

It’s my fantastic end of year review, the bumper hard-back annual to accompany the regular monthlies that you all pretend to love so much.

01 Music Monthlies: November 2005

Alas, this month’s Music Monthlies is a bit light. November’s been a month where finding new music has been far from a priority. Still, let’s see what’s stuck in my brain…


22 CSS Mastery preview

Seeing as Cameron has published a teaser post detailing elements of his case study for the forthcoming CSS Mastery book, I thought I’d do the same.

14 Peter’s resizable underlines

Previously I’d noted that Jonathan Snook had cracked the CSS Challenge. Well, whilst he certainly made headway and surpassed everyone else’s approaches, has he now been outdone?


31 Snook’s resizable underlines

After much head-scratching over the CSS Challenge, a combo of methods from Ian Lloyd and Simon Willison (plus the input of several others) led Jonathan Snook to get closer than anyone.

28 CSS Challenge: come on, boffins!

My colleague has set a CSS challenge that I can’t meet. I can sort of achieve the desired effect with bad markup and combined styles, but collectively I think we can do better.

28 Music Monthlies: October 2005

So, last month I waxed lyrical about the new Elbow album. Bizarrely, it’s still getting heavy rotation here in Nottingham, but thankfully a plethora of other bands have been shoving their musical oars in throughout October…

10 Cock on a stick

In which I laugh like a schoolboy at the following photographs taken today at Nottingham’s massive 711th (really!) Goose Fair.

07 Digitising old sketchbooks

I’m scanning and uploading my sketchbooks. I’m always paranoid about losing everything in a fire, but it also feels liberating to share eight years of pre-blog private thoughts and ideas.

01 Poptones

Yesterday, we finally launched the all new Poptones site, and we’re very proud of it. Poptones is the label set up by former Creation Records boss and Oasis discoverer Alan McGee.


30 Music Monthlies: September 2005

Last month I was a bit hung up on old stuff, aside from the brilliant new album from Sigur Rós. This month it’s all new, although I’m aprehensive about saying anything ever since a comment troll arrived to diss my music taste. Oh well.

29 It’s King Biscuit Time!

Steve Mason — thoroughly nice chap, Agenzia client, and former Beta Band frontman — popped into Nottingham last night with his hot solo affair King Biscuit Time.

22 Soothed by the Super Furries

There’s not so much fury in the Furry these days. Our most underrated, most loveable, most inventive band soothed us with a very mellow set at Rock City.

20 Make room on the bookshelf

The cat’s out of the bag. Yes, there are two Friends of ED books coming out on December 19th both featuring chapters by myself - Blog Design Solutions, and CSS Mastery.

17 Screenspire’s design bliss

I’ve just spent almost an hour trawling the archives over at the fantastic web showcase Screenspire. If you have not yet visited Thomas Marban’s collection, I urge you to do so.

09 Doodle down London town

As a result of making a last-minute trip to London’s oh-so trendy Shoreditch to for the first Black Convoy show on our shores, I’m feeling a little fatigued back here in Nottingham.

07 Black Convoy hits London

Design and illustration at its best. 8th-14th September. Jaguar Shoes Gallery, 17 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London E2 8AA.

01 Music Monthlies: August 2005

Yes, I know it is now September. July’s monthlies were heavy on UK guitar/noise bands, but for August my taste is a little more melancholic.


24 CSS showcases, part two: the trolls

So, in part one, the showcase sites got a taste of their own medicine, and I don’t think I upset too many people.

24 CSS showcases, part three: be selected

Right. In part one we discussed the showcases themselves, and in part two we had a go at the trolls. Most of the feedback seemed positive, and most of you agreed. Good.

23 CSS showcases, part one: the sites

CSS gallery sites stimulate both inspiration and distress in equal amounts. As a reviewer for one of the better showcase sites, I get to see a lot of the madness first-hand.


27 Fading overflow: auto

Here’s a no-brainer for getting a bit more out of overflows.

22 Music Monthlies: July 2005

In the spirit of documenting the things that really matter and not just webby waffle, from this month and every month that follows, I’m gonna post a list of my current musical discoveries, favourites and surprises.

09 Leaves at Nottingham Social

Leaves, one of my favourite Icelandic bands, finally came to Nottingham to play an intimate gig to a handful of enraptured people.


30 Oasis

City of Manchester Stadium

11 Where does @media leave us?

I expect @media has given all attendees much food for thought. Two days of intensive web standards and accessibility waffle has left me both excited and concerned about the future.

07 Black Convoy rolls out

As official mechanic, I’m excited to announce the Black Convoy website, beginning with a yellow issue featuring themed responses from the thirteen members.


27 Oasis theme day

A brief post from my Starbucks office in Holborn, London. Last night, Big Lee and I had something of an Oasis theme-day.

16 A musical baton

I’ve been passed a musical baton by Richard Rutter. If it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

16 The excitement and the dread

On Thursday the 19th of May, at 2.30pm, I will be closing a chapter of my life that began aged four.

11 Doodle Down: NYC v London

This weekend, the Agenzia server is gonna take a battering as it bridges the gap between New York and London for Doodle Down, a four-hour transatlantic doodle-off.


21 Toys R not what they were

I went to my Mam’s house the other day, and ended up in the attic in search of some old tat she needed. In a corner, packaged carefully under dust sheets, I rediscovered my old toys.

02 Seven steps to better handheld browsing

Delivering web content to handheld media devices is becoming more and more important, as browser-enabled mobile phones become popular.


25 Web outside the box: The client

Websites appear in an unpredictably-sized frame, and always will until we have six-feet high monitors. So why continue to present designs as top-to-toe screenshots that have no correlation to the browsing experience?

16 The all new Jon Burgerman website

Finally, I can announce the launch of the new website I’ve been working on for ace illustrator Jon Burgerman.

11 My Top 100 Songs of all time

Here I go again. My Top 100 Albums brought me an equal number of enemies and friends back in September, and owing to a natural gap in the workload, I bring you my Top 100 Songs. I did impose a couple of rules this time however…

02 What’s right with Movable Type?

I’m risking furious responses here, particularly as I have never used Movable Type, and thus don’t really know what I’m on about.


26 If I could scrunch up my screen

I’m currently mid-way through writing my chapter for a forthcoming book about blogging, and I need your advice again, dearest readers.

18 NME wins NME award

So, the site we made for The Libertines didn't win the NME Awards Best Website award. No, NME.com did.

16 Apple Powerbook iDecay

Customized by a combination of backpack, heat, hard work and use, Apple’s limited edition Powerbook iDecay model was made in Nottingham, back in 2001.

10 Project Facade

After two months of blood, sweat and tear-soaked tags, today we launched Project Facade for respected artist and all-round good chap Paddy Hartley and his team.

01 NME awards nomination

The official site we created for The Libertines has received a nomination for the forthcoming NME Awards.


27 You know you work too hard when...

You know you work too hard when you end up documenting the fact that you’re working too hard.

20 Spammers get spannered

Something to celebrate if you allow comments on your website. As you may know, those nice people at Google have implemented something special to counteract spammers.

13 A rant about the state of blogging

A few loud voices in the web community are bemoaning the lack of fresh ideas, new techniques, and a drought of constant exploration and innovation from A-list, up-and-coming or guru-like bloggers and writers.