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Entries from 2006

2006 was the year of the Dog

The year 2006 (MMVI) was a common year that started on Sunday. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 2006th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 6th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 7th of the 2000s decade.


31 2006 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from the last twelve months.

22 Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bearface (the cat) and I would like to wish all readers, friends and clients the warmest and fuzziest of seasonal greetings.

21 Beginning CSS... the sequel

Where Beginning CSS offered A New Hope, the Empire now Strikes Back with Pro CSS Techniques, a darker, more complex twist in the grand CSS fairy tale.

05 Digital Web interview

If you really are desperate for something to fill your day, then this might actually fill it.

01 The big reveal

Almost two months after I made it known that I was moving on, I can finally reveal all. I’m delighted to announce that I am now running a brand new web design and development agency. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Erskine.


23 Collylogic is dead

Long live colly.com. I’ve been sitting on this domain for two months, since the generous Shawn at Darkest Web offered it to me in exchange for a small amount of CSS work.

22 The business benefits of Microformats

I’ve got a right sweat on down at the pixel face this month. My axe is almost blunt and my torch is dimming, but I’ve just enough energy to share a snippet from the field.

04 Colly’s Winter Stew

Brrrr! It ain't half getting cold out, and Autumn feels more like Winter. At this time of year it is important to keep well fed and ward off any nasty colds and flus.

02 The Killers?

I was drafting a new Music Monthly when I began drifting into a long and winding rant about The Killers that I subtitled 'The Killers: Geniuses or Peniuses'.


25 Beginning CSS reviews

My book, Beginning CSS Web Development, is currently scoring 5/5 on both Amazon US and UK, plus today a great review and 9/10 appeared on the mighty Pixelsurgeon.

21 Best Gig You Ever Experienced?

Last week, in an attempt offset the mammoth workload and do something without pixels, I assembled all of my gig tickets from the last fifteen years.

03 Moving On

Today was my last day at Agenzia, after four very happy years. I’m sad to be leaving, but I’m taking many great memories and lasting friendships away with me.


29 Great Expectations

There are a few things I’d love to write about, but can’t — not until Monday. So, for now I’ll share something very personal.

14 D'yer Wanna See A Spaceman?

For past client launches and events, we at Agenzia have managed to bring Belle & Sebastian, Steve Mason, Gobsausage, various Poptones artists and Alan McGee’s Death Disco to Nottingham.

04 Beginning CSS is here!

My book Beginning CSS Web Development has arrived, and is now in stock at Amazon. What a strange feeling!

02 The Reggae Tribute Genre

I’m digging Easy Star All Stars right now. It began when a colleague introduced me to the exceptional Dub Side Of The Moon.


25 The Dead Goods

What do Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, Janis Joplin and Keith Moon have to do with CSS?

17 Samples from my Book

Apress have provided two lovely PDFs for you to download, in order to get a flavour of Beginning CSS Web Development, which hits the shelves in a week or so.

05 Gone to Print!

Some of you probably know that I have written a book. It has taken seven months of blood, sweat and beers, but today Beginning CSS Web Development has finally gone to print.


25 What really matters

I found myself again over the weekend. It took 400 driven miles, 15 walked miles, 2000 feet of ascent and my two best friends to track me down, but I’m delighted to announce that I’m back.

07 World Cup: best and worst bits

The FIFA World Cup is almost over, bar the third-place play-off and the final, so I’ve compiled my top 10 best and worst moments.


19 @media roundup

I’m sure that anyone who attended @media 2006 in London will agree that it was another huge success.

09 Three magazine features

I’m fortunate to be featured in three UK print magazines this month.


18 The end of CSS showcases

It’s the end of an era. This week, Stylegala is for sale, and the Web Standards Awards site has now closed.

04 The importance of window width

Aside from platform, browser, available technologies and screen resolution, another major factor in designing for an audience is the width of the browser window.


28 Music Monthlies: April 2006

My mind isn’t really on music right now (it’s been a bad day). Still, I’ve compiled a few choice cuts for you music monthlies fans to embrace or ignore.

25 Web mags embracing standards?

I’m indebted to whoever selected our Dirty Pretty Things site for the Site Envy section of this month’s Practical Web design magazine.

08 Getting there

I’m sure the nature of the “laborious project” is a bit more obvious thanks to this image.


31 Music Monthlies: March 2006

OK. Recent Monthlies have been a bit underwhelming. Blame music, not me. Luckily I have found plenty to waffle on about this month, thanks to some big returns and inspiring debuts.

27 Sigur Rós recycled

I’m knee-deep in a laborious project and Sigur Rós are keeping me sane. Recently I rediscovered a rare album of recycled tracks that offers a very different side to their sound.

16 I had a wheelbarrow...

...the wheel fell off. Today I received an email from long-time reader Jeremy Harrington, alerting me to some new, rather snazzy icons he and the team had created.

10 Character illustrators and their designer toys

Aside from web stuff and general waffle, I’m going to post a lot more about another of my passions from now on, namely character illustration and designer toys.


28 Dirty Pretty Things launch

After a weekend that saw 20,000 members bash the hell out of it, I’m pleased to say that our latest website launch seems to have gone well.

27 Music Monthlies: February 2006

Not a classic this month, folks. I’ve managed to slice a deep cut into my finger whilst making one of my trademark winter stews, so I’m feeling feint after much blood-loss.

24 Blog Design Solutions is here!

Just a week after I received my copies of CSS Mastery, I have now received my copies of Blog Design Solutions - and it’s great!

15 CSS Mastery’s arrived!

Yippee!! It’s the day after the book was officially launched, and I have received my copies. Finally I get to see the fruit of all our work.

05 Redesign Notes 1: Width-based layout

Many folks have emailed me about the new layout I’m now sporting - specifically asking how the site resizes based on the width of the browser window.


29 Music Monthlies: January 2006

January’s Music Monthly sees me finally able to talk about some new albums that I haven’t been listening to for ages because of course there is no method of obtaining new music on the internet before it is released…

26 We have a winner!

Thank you to the two-hundred of you who de-lurked, introduced yourselves and left flags on my recent 'Introduce yourself' post.

24 Four things

Thanks Jon. We all hate memes, but we all respond. OK, let’s waste some valuable time on this one.

18 Introduce yourself

Lurker? Regular? Friend? Time for you to introduce yourself. Also, I’m now using IP addresses to attach a flag to your comment, and I’m keen to see how many different flags we can get.