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Entries from 2007

2007 was the year of the Boar

The year 2007 (MMVII) was a common year that started on Monday. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 2007th year of the Common Era, or of Anno Domini; the 7th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 8th of the 2000s decade.


31 2007 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from an incredible year for music.

18 The Saga of the Interwebs

Seven years into the new Millennium, an approximate 26,328 task forces, 3,402 unworking groups, and 5 fantasy comic book heroes are in existence on Earth.

11 The Verve

Ice Arena, Nottingham


30 Netmag interview

A short interview from this month’s Net magazine about being your own boss.

29 Email Standards Project

I’m sure most of you will already be aware of the freshly-launched Email Standards Project, which aims to promote better support for web standards in the many available email tools.

24 Pixelsurgeon is dead

At times, it was the best site on the internet. More recently, it’s contributors were too stretched to keep on top of it. Yet always it was fun, full-on and fantastic.


31 Foreword for Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML

In 1999, I bought a book about the web.

05 Control

Anton Corbijn’s biopic about Joy Division’s Ian Curtis was filmed mostly in Nottingham because my city is grim and looks like the seventies.

03 New work: frieze magazine and Frieze Art Fair

For the last eight months, I’ve been putting everything I have into a major rebuild and redesign for frieze, Europe’s primary art magazine, and also Frieze Art Fair.


29 Mair Education

I’ve had zero time to blog lately, for which I apologise. New staff, new office, new projects, plus a number of new sites, including this, for Mair Education.

06 The US launch of the iPhone has put the rest of us behind

I spent the last hour writing a lengthy rant about how every developer outside of the US is now on catch-up.


01 CSS Creative Design

Two of the sites I built are featured in a gorgeous new Japanese book CSS Creative Design.


30 Arctic Monkeys

Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester. With support from Amy Winehouse, The Coral, The Parrots, and Supergrass.

24 Our Love To Admire

I guess I should say something about the latest Interpol album, seeing as I’ve just played it three times in a row.


30 Beatportal

We've just cut the ribbon on Beatportal, a massive new site for the top-class folks at Beatport.com, the recognized leader in electronic music downloads.

30 Morning By The Sea

I’m looking for more information about a painting I fell in love with nine years ago in the foyer of the Hafnarborg, in the glorious Icelandic town of Hafnarfjörður.

26 I own my own home!

I’ve just returned from my first week off since Summer 2006. I turned off the wifi, closed the email and didn’t open Safari once.

10 @Media Europe 2007

Well, that had to be the best @Media to date. The general consensus was that this year’s conference was a belter on all counts.

04 Vote Design this Thursday!

Support me at the forthcoming @Media High-Noon Shootout. Please download and print, roll or fold that lovely PDF (188KB) and wave it on the day!


05 Music Monthlies May 2007

It’s a bumper Spring issue! Yes, everyone’s least favourite irregular regular column is back, by popular demand (well, several emails and a few CDs through the post).


20 Nobody actually saw the future, but we had fun trying

Some week. A family bereavement, four London meetings, one workshop, speaking in front of 800 people, and catching a heavy cold have left me drained as this week draws to a close.

15 Goodnight, Grandad

Stanley Samuel Collison, 1913–2007. Few had such a historically significant and eventful war as you.

02 Web Standards Creativity has arrived

My copies of Web Standards Creativity have just landed on the doormat, and mighty-fine they are too. Chock-full of wondrous colour (one for the coffee table), ingenuity and inspiration. Here are a few ropey photos…


21 Wanted: The Web Standards Creativity Gang

We, the authors of the exciting new book from Friends of ED, Web Standards Creativity, will be on the loose at South by Southwest! Well, most of us will.

19 Hot Fuzz

With such a great track record, I was worried that the new flick from Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright might not meet my expectations. Surely they couldn’t do it again?

18 My brief guide to Iceland

A few of you know that I lived in Iceland for a total of around a year, and I get lots of emails asking about things to see and do in Reykjavík. To save me the trouble of writing back every time, I decided to post up my must-see list here.


27 Web Standards Creativity

It is all about web design as art these days, as the cover of Web Standards Creativity seeks to emphasize.

25 Future Of Web Design

Quick bit of conference news. I’ll be a guest on the “What is the future of web design?” panel at the Future Of Web Design conference in London on 18th April.

18 New Consumer

We've just launched the revamped New Consumer website, a collaborative assignment with Jason Arber of Pixelsurgeon.

16 Dad, I’m thinking of you

Lee, my friend of 28 years, has just sent me this scan detailing the origins of my family name. He’s offered to trace the Collison family tree as a gift to my long-suffering Dad who is seriously ill.