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Entries from 2008

2008 was the year of the Rat

The year 2008 (MMVIII) was a leap year that started on a Tuesday. In the Gregorian calendar, it was the 2008th year of the Common Era or of Anno Domini; the 8th year of the 3rd millennium and of the 21st century; and the 9th of the 2000s decade.[1]


31 2008 in music

Simple lists of my top albums and top tracks from the last twelve months.

04 Dropbox for killer scrapbooking

I think the chaps in the office reckon I’m on some sort of commission from Dropbox, so evangelical have I become about the web-based storage system recently.


27 I am not John Cleese

It’s a couple of years since my book, Beginning CSS Web Development, was published. High time I looked back at the process and considered whether it was worth all the stress.

21 Christmas competition

I have to blog about this competition, seeing as the proceeds go to a charity researching a disease which hit my family hard this year. But there are many other reasons to support it.

20 GNBR trailer

As previously posted, in June 2008, four members of the Erskine team completed the Great Notts Bike Ride’s 50-mile route. It was brutal.

17 Tracking clients on the icy wastes

We’re lucky enough to be working with two incredible polar exploration teams this year: Ben Saunders, and the Shackleton Centenary expedition.

14 Eulogy

A couple of months have passed now since my Dad passed away, and (as I was warned by friends) the impact of this is having a greater effect as time moves on.

04 Fleet Foxes

Nottingham Trent University


18 Despite bankruptcy, Iceland can still fly an entire pub to London

I was back in one of my favourite Reykjavik bars. I sipped a cup of cold Thule, served by an Icelandic woman, with whom I half-conversed in my rusty Íslenska.

10 Frith Street Gallery

We just launched our redesign and rebuild for the renowned Frith Street Gallery in central London. Most top-end gallery sites are rubbish, so we relished the opportunity to rethink this one.

03 WallSwaps

We love doing web stuff every day, and we love our clients. However, all too often what we do is bound by rules, criteria and technical specs.

01 Pens are Jon’s Friends

I’m pimping my friend and office amigo, Mr. Burgerman, again. Last week I wrote about the Heroes of Burgertown; this week I’m thumbing through his new 300 page monograph.


30 CSR360 and Engage

We've just returned form London where we launched CSR360, an ambitious global network of independent orgs that work at the interface of business and society to mobilise for good.

29 Under the stars and over the moon

After the traumas of the last few weeks, I’ve been itching to just get away and get out of Nottingham.

06 David Stanley Collison

My Dad. David Stanley Collison. 1942–2008. Finally at peace.


29 Twenty posts in one

This is at least twenty long and rambling posts all rolled into one short list, so be grateful for small mercies.


24 Great Notts Bike Ride

Yesterday, we completed the Great Notts Bike Ride 50 mile route; cycling from Holme Pierrepont to Newark, then back to Nottingham into brutal and constant 30 mph headwinds.

06 An industry in danger of suffocation

Broad discussion about our industry is a tinderbox that I must keep my roll-up well away from. However, I bottle my thoughts up for so long that during weeks like this, I just burst.

01 The best cover versions ever made?

Partly because some friends and I were discussing classic cover versions in the pub, but mostly because (as regular readers will be aware) I love making music lists, I decided to finish a list I started ages ago.


21 North Pole Speed Record

We've just launched the North Pole Speed Record site for intrepid client Ben Saunders. Ben is a record-breaking long-distance skier, with three expeditions under his belt.

16 Tanks, troops and terror

I feel compelled to write about the worrying reports coming out of Tibet, a country an “autonomous region” that I have spent many years reading about, and hope to visit one day.

15 The Seldom Seen Kid

The fourth album from Elbow is another intensely personal journey through main man Guy Garvey’s life experiences, dripping with introspective worry and wonder.


02 Gig posters by Chris Summerlin

Top Nottingham-based illustrator Chris Summerlin just delivered nine of his incredible gig posters in person.


17 Don’t POSH me

As a rule, I am against forced acronyms. Take my least favourite, POSH. It’s just awful.

10 Got any puffin?

I’m doing a lot more cooking these days and learning about food rather than just eating it. My kitchen confidence took quite a knock over the last few years, but I’m back.

09 Ágætis Byrjun

Eight years ago, I spent the Millennium Eve week in a tiny chocolate-box house by the lake in Reykjavik’s old town. I’d just split from my Icelandic partner of two years, and I was down. Really down.

06 Two years on, here’s another rant about the state of blogging

Have you noticed how many of us who have been blogging for a long time are gradually doing a whole lot less of it? I have, and I totally understand.