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A farewell to Erskine

Some three and a half years since I co-founded Erskine Design, I have — after much deliberation — decided to leave the agency in pursuit of new challenges.

This has not been an easy decision as Erskine has been my life. However, I woke up one morning and realised I spend all my time running an agency as opposed to doing what I really love, and I decided to make some changes.

Erskine is blossoming

I have no doubt that Erskine will go from strength to strength in their palatial new office. When I think back over some of the things we did together, it brings a happy tear to my eye. Co-founder Simon Campbell posted the following on the Erskine site:

I am obviously very upset as Colly and I started the business together. After a number of long conversations, it’s pretty clear that this is the right thing for him and the Erskine Design team; we wish him all the best. Of course we all look forward to seeing him in the pub and most importantly, have kept his teacup hostage in the office!

I’m proud to have been involved in something I consider to be very special, and to have worked alongside some very talented people. But, we all move on, and over the past few months helping to run Erskine has meant that I’ve stopped designing and developing websites. I haven’t had any time or energy to write more books or articles. I’ve been doing a fair bit of speaking at conferences, occasional lectures and so on, but I’ve also had to refuse numerous opportunities.

Freelancing once again…

The thing is, I’m a restless chap; I rather like taking a gamble. So, I’m freelancing once again, bravely (or foolishly) leaving behind the immense potential of Erskine to see what happens next. I’m starting afresh, with an empty schedule from April onwards, and I’m open to all offers and ideas.

I’m on the look out for all kinds of design work, IA and UX stuff, EE projects, writing and speaking opportunities, and so on. I’m hoping to search out more web consultation work, and I’ve had some promising conversations with those who care about how web design is taught in our schools, colleges and universities.

What happens next?

I already have some stuff lined up for March, including a trip to the United States over the next two weeks, and the Netherlands shortly after. I’ve rarely travelled very far, so the opportunity to spread my wings and get involved in some unique projects is knee-tremblingly exciting.

I’ll be speaking at a few conferences throughout 2010, and I’m hoping I’ll have more time to get back into designing, experimenting, building, playing, and possibly throwing out a few fun projects on my own or in collaboration with some other folks. I’m also scoping out an idea for another book. There are a few ideas floating around, but I’m yet to work it all out.

He who dares…

Wins? I hope so. As I said, I’m interested in all sorts of partnerships, projects, ideas, and opportunities, whether unique and mind-blowing, or more traditional design/dev projects (I do quite fancy building a few smaller sites this year).

If you’ve something brewing, and you think I can be of help, please drop me a line. In the meantime, I’m off to make myself a cup of tea.