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You Are Here

Most of you won’t be aware of one of my other great passions, You Are Here Visual Arts, formed in 1999 by myself and Oliver Wood, with our online resource launching in July 2001.

By way of introduction, here’s a bit more detail about the organisation, the annual festival, and the team of ten that now keep the wheels oiled.

The initial idea of promoting artists is still the core aspect of the organisation. Having witnessed similar projects raising artists’ profiles in Iceland, we felt that Nottinghamshire was deserving of such an approach, and that the internet would be the best tool for the job. It was also apparent that artists in the city were often unaware who their contemporaries were, or what they were up to. You Are Here allows artists to address this problem, by creating the content of the site, and enabling them to contact each other, discuss and collaborate.

You Are Here also runs an annual contemporary art festival across Nottingham City Centre. It’s one of the largest such events in the UK and it allows us to work closely with all the major galleries, studio groups and organisations on our own terms.

You Are Here have strong links with NOW, City of Nottingham, Broadway Media Centre, Nottinghan Trent University, EMDA, Arts Council England and many other organisations. We are also on the board of the recently formed Arts and Creative Industries Forum. A core team of ten people help run YAH, mostly on a voluntary basis.

We are essentially a visual arts resource and consultancy. Our listings pages aim to support artistic activity of any kind within the county and also events outside of the region involving local artists, offering a constantly updated overview of what is happening within local visual art, plus relevant articles regarding national and international activity. The database is an ever-expanding catalogue of Nottingham-based artists, plus others we have met along the way. The directory lists all the venues, organisations and groups within the county.

We accept an ongoing submission of artist folios, listings and news items, and endeavour to include all relevant material. You Are Here belongs to all of those concerned with art in the county, essentially a platform enabling individuals, groups and companies to present their projects and ideas to a broad range of internet users. Nottingham has more practicing artists per capita than any other UK city, and here, where we are, we aim to provide visual artists with a straightforward, understanding promotional platform.

I’ll be linking to special articles from the You Are Here site, and will be bringing gossip from September’s festival. There’s also an RSS feed of latest headlines in the sidebar to keep you up to date. I’ll also be revelling in the fact that all the things I could never say on YAH will now have room on this site. Hurrah!